1. In the framework of the Luxembourg law related to the exploration and utilisation of space resources, a conference entitled “Innovation, space technologies, and patents” took place on 8 October 2018 in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

  2. The Mining Space Summit is a one-day workshop organized to foster the increasingly vibrant dialogue around the development of the space resource utilization sector.

  3. The Luxembourg Space Agency officially launched operations today with the goal of promoting the further economic development of the Grand Duchy’s space industry by attracting businesses, developing human resources, providing innovative financial solutions and supporting educational and research infrastructure.

  4. The Moon and nearby asteroids could contain untold riches and resources to help further space exploration. One small country is aiming to take a leading role in this new space race.

  5. Interview with Marc Serres, Director of Space Affairs at the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and Vice-Chairman of the ESA Council.

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