1. INTERVIEW: Developing the Earth-moon binary system and democratizing space, with ispace Vice-President Global Sales and Strategy, Kyle Acierno.

  2. INTERVIEW: Just two months after HIS company celebrated its first full year in business, LSA spoke with Dejan Petkow, CEO and Co-Founder of SPARC, to find out exactly what plasma is, and how it’s helping us reach for the stars. SPARC is a Luxembourg-based start-up, developing plasma propulsion systems and simulation software for the space industry.

  3. In the framework of the Luxembourg law related to the exploration and utilisation of space resources, a conference entitled “Innovation, space technologies, and patents” took place on 8 October 2018 in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

  4. The Mining Space Summit is a one-day workshop organized to foster the increasingly vibrant dialogue around the development of the space resource utilization sector.

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