OQ Technology successfully on track for in-orbit-demonstration mission

OQ TECHNOLOGY has passed a major milestone successfully in its preparation for an In-Orbit-Demonstration mission (MACSAT IOD) contract under the Luxembourg National Space Programme (LuxIMPULSE), implemented by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Design work and important laboratory tests were carried out using the hardware and software developed by the two Luxembourg companies OQ TECHNOLOGY (the Prime) and EmTronix  (the Subcontractor), demonstrating a perfect example of a “made-in-Luxembourg” project, combining expertise through collaboration among national space players.  

The tests were successful in sending and receiving the innovative wireless waveform proposed by OQ TECHNOLOGY under a satellite-emulated environment. This represents a major advancement of the company towards the MACSAT IOD mission.

OQ TECHNOLOGY expresses its thanks to ESA for making available the advanced lab facilities and instruments which were crucial in performing these tests.



OQ TECHNOLOGY provides the world’s first universal “plug & play” Internet of Things device with aim to use low-cost satellite infrastructure to connect sensors, devices and measurement units in remote and sparsely connected areas, where there is no cellular network or WiFi.

For the MACSAT IOD mission, OQ TECHNOLOGY is designing, implementing, and building the first satellite to demonstrate the company's innovative IoT technology implemented in both the payload and user terminals.

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