Rhea System Luxembourg


RHEA Group is a professional engineering company providing tailored engineering solutions, system development and security services for mainly space, government and defence organisations. We have built a reputation as a trusted partner developing solutions that lead to sustainable added value for our customers.

For 30 years our staff have been working in the space, security and system engineering sectors, contributing to the development of solutions to the most complex systems and missions. We focus on end-to-end services in space and cybersecurity and deliver the highest quality in secure design development, testing, roll-out, training, operations, and maintenance for business-critical systems.

Headquartered in Belgium, RHEA Group employs over 800 people working at client’s premises or RHEA offices throughout Europe and North America.

RHEA System Luxembourg focuses on three main strategies:

·        Cybersecurity testbed and thrive for EU cyber validation/certification of end-to-end systems, in cooperation with CCC and SecurityMadeinLu, ESA and EU

·        International Operational Usecases in Quantum Key Distribution (INT-UQKD) , in partnership with ESA

·        End-to-end Satellite & Systems operations and services


  • We provide full lifecycle engineering solutions, including design, integration and operation, for complex programmes
  • We supply operations and ground system engineering services for missions including Earth observation, communications, scientific, navigation and space exploration helping both New Space and established organizations set up their operations infrastructure or introduce new ground segment technologies. Our GENI easily extracts and processes information from EO data using the latest advances in machine learning and data analytics.
  • We develop complete cyber-resilient programmes, build SOCs and services to protect clients against cyberattacks, and deliver cyber-range capabilities to test and train teams
  • Our concurrent design methodology significantly reduces both the cost and overall risk early in a project’s lifecycle
  • Cybersecurity managed services and Satellite end-to-end services are the focus of RHEA System Luxembourg, in the sectors identified as priority for the LSA strategy


  • Our Concurrent Design product CDP4-COMET enables multidisciplinary teams to work together efficiently on complex systems by analyzing requirements, carrying out calculations and validating models in real time.
  • Our ASTRAL component-based ground segment offering, allows a high degree of flexibility for customer to integrate their own third-party components and interface with other systems. Our Manufacturing and Operations Information System (MOIS) tool suite has been used by spacecraft manufacturers and operators on over 100 satellite missions to optimize the processes of spacecraft validation, mission operations and preparation. 
  • Cyber Integration, Test and Evaluation Framework (CITEF) provides an interactive emulation of an organization’s local network, system, tools and applications. Its highly accurate representation of both information and operational technology assets powers RHEA’s Cyber-Range Services, which are used across industry for cybersecurity testing, planning and training. Our Cyber Testbed in Luxembourg allows for testing hardware in the loop.
  • INT-UQKD is a new cross-border network for QKD operational usecases


Customers & Partners: Luxembourg Space Agency, Luxembourg Ministries, POST, LuxTrust, HITEC, the European Space Agency, SnT Uni.lu, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), the European Commission, national space and defence agencies, other national institutes and commercial clients.


  • SCCOE: the establishment of the Security Cyber Centre of Excellence, located in the European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC), in Redu, Belgium
  • Traleo 2: cyber testbeds for satellite to ground communications
  • LUXEOSys: the lifetime day-to-day maintenance and operations of the Luxembourg DoD Earth Observation System (LUXEOSys)
  • International Use cases for Operational QKD Applications and Services (INT-UQKD)
  • Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response System Study
  • Numerous satellite and cybersecurity operations for commercial operators 

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