ClearSpace Today S.A.


ClearSpace is a newspace company which is addressing the problem of space sustainability for a practical perspective developing high-tech solution to remove space debris and service, repair, upgrade and refuel satellites.


ClearSpace builds products and services to provide the in-orbit capabilities critical to the successful future of sustainable space operations. ClearSpace sees the safe removal of space debris (Active Debris Removal, or ADR) as a foundational capability, from which other services can be developed.

Services such as orbital transport (last-mile deployment, relocation), mission extension (attitude control, station-keeping, refuelling), and repair and construction (inspection, component replacement, manufacture) will leverage technologies developed in support of ADR.


ClearSpace is currently working on an ambitious program ENCORE with ESA (European Space Agency) with a strong support from Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) and commercial satellite operator to develop technologies and solutions to extend life of an operational satellite in space that has run out of fuel.


Artistic impression of a ClearSpace servicer approaching a GEO satellite © ClearSpace

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