OffWorld has undertaken Research and Development in the field of extreme environment industrial robotics, initially applied to the mining and mineral processing sector. Applications are expanding into the construction and infrastructure markets. The objective is to establish an end-to-end collaborative robotic system comprising thousands of multi-species robots working together to achieve defined strategic objectives across mining, processing, fabrication, assembly, manufacturing and construction – essential elements for developing space infrastructure. Space operations require that these robotic systems undertake complex tasks autonomously or with minimal human intervention. OffWorld has developed a task agnostic machine learning framework to automate industrial processes. This approach enables operations in the space environment.


OffWorld is currently at the expansion stage for its initial terrestrial mining robots. We are already developing our program to encompass modularity, massive scale production engineering, serviceability, forward and backwards compatibility and robustness. The first species pilot programs have completed successfully exceeding all KPIs and species expansion for production engineering is commencing. The approach we are taking is that of mining as a service and currently in mine trials for our autonomous mining robots and direct energy beaming robots. The OffWorld platform is extending to space and lunar modules to begin development in our Luxembourg facilities with multiple space projects now underway.


OffWorld will refine its machine learning mining robots to make them lighter, increasingly modular, and lunar-surface-environment tolerant.  This is necessary to reduce transportation cost to the Moon and be employed in mining ice bearing regolith located in permanently shadowed regions around the lunar poles. Each step in this ISRU process is envisioned as a stand-alone function within an autonomous robotic platform of multiple robotic units operating collaboratively together.  Our autonomous robotic platforms are currently in development for Earth mining under internal funds with demonstration units already undergoing testing and development. Our ISRU Technology subsystem is a subset of OffWorld’s overall concept for mining Moon and Mars regolith for volatiles and minerals.


Due to the dual use approach taken by OffWorld, customers will be both space and terrestrial.

  • In-space transportation companies
  • Space Agencies
  • Terrestrial mining, construction and manufacturing companies


Development, demonstration and deployment of lunar focused robust, scalable in-situ resource utilization robots.

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