OffWorld works in the field of extreme environment industrial robotics and has a vision to establish an end-to-end collaborative robotic system comprising thousands of multi-species robots working together to achieve objectives across mining, processing, fabrication, assembly, manufacturing and construction – essential elements for developing space infrastructure.


OffWorld is currently at the expansion stage for its initial terrestrial swarm robotic mining product line. We are already developing our program to encompass modularity, massive scale production engineering, serviceability, forward and backwards compatibility and robustness. The first species pilot programs include Surveyor Bot, Excavation Bot and a Directed Energy Bot.

The OffWorld platform is extending to space with the development of the Lunar Processing Module in Luxembourg. The LPM is designed to extract water volatiles from icy lunar regolith, generating consumable products such as potable water, radiation shielding water, rocket propellant, or dry regolith to produce lunar concrete. 


OffWorld will produce lunar autonomous mobile robots capable of extracting and processing water and water-based volatiles in permanently shadowed regions around the lunar poles at an industrial scale. This is a new class of robotic systems that changes the paradigm of current Moon and Mars rover technologies. Each step in this ISRU process  is envisioned as a stand-alone function within an autonomous robotic platform of multiple robotic units operating collaboratively together.  Our autonomous robotic platforms are currently in development for Earth mining under internal funds with demonstration units already undergoing testing and development. Our ISRU Technology subsystem is a subset  of OffWorld’s overall concept for mining Moon and Mars regolith for volatiles and minerals. 


Due to the dual use approach taken by OffWorld, customers will be both space and terrestrial.

  • In-space transportation companies
  • Space Agencies
  • Terrestrial mining, construction and manufacturing companies


Participation in multiple NASA projects including SBIR and Break The Ice Challenge. LuxImpulse contract to establish OffWorld Europe and the lunar In Situ Resources Utilization (ISRU) capability with the development of the Lunar Processing Module. Development, demonstration and deployment of lunar focused robust, scalable Autonomous Mobile Robots.

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