Space Night Events to Take Place on June 28


The Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) is thrilled to invite you to "Space Night" on June 28, an extraordinary outreach event designed to ignite your curiosity and passion for space. This special night features a diverse array of activities taking place throughout Luxembourg, ensuring that everyone—whether a space enthusiast, a curious student, or a family looking for a unique outing—can experience the wonders of space exploration up close.

Event Lineup

1. Space Movie Night at Kinepolis Kirchberg

Join us for an unforgettable Space Movie Night at Kinepolis Kirchberg!

Organized by the Luxembourg Space Agency in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the event will kick off at 18:00 with an exciting pre-movie session featuring insights from leading experts in the space industry and mars exploration. 

Our lineup of special guests will provide fascinating perspectives on the latest advancements and future of space exploration. After the discussion, sit back and enjoy a thrilling space-themed movie: The Martian.

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2. Asteroid Day Space Lecture at Cercle Cité

Expand your knowledge at the Asteroid Day Space Lecture held at Cercle Cité. Listen to renowned scientists and experts discuss the fascinating world of asteroids, their potential impact on Earth, and the crucial role of space exploration in our understanding of these celestial objects. A specific focus will be put on the HERA mission, soon to be launched by the European Space Agency. 

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3. Space Companies Open Doors

Explore the cutting-edge world of space technology as various space companies in Luxembourg open their doors to the public. Get an insider’s look at the innovative projects and meet the professionals driving Luxembourg’s space sector forward. This is a unique opportunity to see firsthand how the future of space is being shaped.

Participating companies (click on the links to register): 


4. Thematic Sessions at the Luxembourg Science Centre Planetarium, Differdange

Attend a live planetarium show where you'll discover the mysteries of asteroids and comets, the fascinating phenomena of shooting stars, and the daring DART mission to protect the Earth. Immerse yourself in life aboard the International Space Station and admire real meteorites on display from the farthest reaches of space. A captivating journey through our universe awaits you!

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5. Late Opening of the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle of Luxembourg

Extend your Space Night adventure with a visit to the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle, which will remain open late for this special occasion. Explore the museum’s natural history exhibits, with a special focus on the Asteroid Mission exhibition currently taking place at the museum. 


Event Details:

  • Date: June 28
  • Locations: Various venues across Luxembourg


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