1st European Interstellar Symposium

The University of Luxembourg, together with the Luxembourg Space Agency, the Interstellar Research Group, the Initiative for Interstellar Studies and Breakthrough Initiatives, are organizing the 1st European Interstellar Symposium to be held on December 2 - 5, 2024, in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The theme for the event is Building Our Home Among the Stars.

This European Interstellar Symposium aims to bring together an interdisciplinary community and to foster an exchange on various aspects of interstellar travel, including human and robotic exploration, power systems, communications, system reliability, psychology, crew health, anthropology, legal regimes, ethics, propulsion, potential destinations (including exoplanet research), life support systems, and habitats. The Special Topic Sessions will focus on potential near-term demonstrations and missions that align with the technologies and systems required for future interstellar travel.

It will be part of the Luxembourg Space Week, scheduled from December 2nd to 5th. With 5 parallel events, the Luxembourg Space Week will be the place where innovation meets exploration, offering a dynamic platform for industry leaders, enthusiasts, and visionaries alike to converge and chart the future of space. 


More details soon. 

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