Luxembourg Space Week to take place from December 2 to 5

The Luxembourg Space Agency is thrilled to announce the organization of the Luxembourg Space Week, which will take place from December 2 to 5 in Luxembourg at the European Convention Centre Luxembourg (ECCL). 

With 5 parallel events, the Luxembourg Space Week will be the place where innovation meets exploration, offering a dynamic platform for industry leaders, enthusiasts, and visionaries alike to converge and chart the future of space. 


Events Details:

  1. NewSpace Europe 2024: December 3 

    Organized on an annual basis, the NewSpace Europe conference is the perfect occasion to network with representatives of start-ups, space agencies, investors and managers involved in the new space economy. It also aims to highlight the contribution of the space sector to the development of terrestrial activities, such as agriculture, maritime transport, or the automotive sector among others.


  2. Moon Village Workshop & Symposium: December 2 to 4 

    The Moon Village Association is a non-governmental organization that aims to promote international collaboration in the exploration and settlement of the Moon. MVA fosters cooperation between government space agencies, commercial space entities, and academia to advance humanity's presence on the Moon.  Its goal is the creation of a global forum for stakeholders interested in the development of the Moon Village, and is creating international, national and regional networks to engage civil society around the world.


  3. 1st European Interstellar Symposium. December 2 to 5 

    This European Interstellar Symposium aims to bring together an interdisciplinary community and to foster an exchange on various aspects of interstellar travel, including human and robotic exploration, power systems, communications, system reliability, psychology, crew health, anthropology, legal regimes, ethics, propulsion, potential destinations (including exoplanet research), life support systems, and habitats. The Special Topic Sessions will focus on potential near-term demonstrations and missions that align with the technologies and systems required for future interstellar travel.


  4. ESA Space for Inspiration: December 4 to 5 

    Space for Inspiration is an awe-inspiring B2B annual gathering that unites visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors at the forefront of commercial space exploration. Prepare to immerse yourself in a celestial symphony of ideas, discoveries, and groundbreaking ventures that will ignite the imagination of even the most passionate space enthusiasts.


Interstell'art Exhibition:

As an integral part of the 1st European Interstellar Symposium,  hosted by the University of Luxembourg, the 1st  Interstell'Art is a commercial art exhibition, attracting international professional artists focusing on Interstellar travel, the Cosmos, and deep space technologies, through a competition to be announced on this page . The Interstell'Art exhibition will announce one or several  "Interstell'Art award " to the best professional  artwork of the exhibition. 

Interstell'Art  is established to promote international space artists, and attract the general public to the space exploration topics developed by the symposium and  the other simultaneous events taking place during the Luxembourg Space Week . The exhibition  will take place in the hall around the meeting room of the several conferences at the ECCL from December 2nd to December 4th 2024. Interstell’Art VIP preview will take place  on Sunday December 1st.


Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable week celebrating the boundless potential of space. 

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