LSA 5th Anniversary: Space Open Doors


In the frame of its 5th anniversary, the Luxembourg Space Agency in collaboration with around 20 Luxembourg-based space companies and startups are opening their doors throughout 2023 to showcase their work and inspire all generations starting from the younger ones.

From lunar exploration to satellite manufacturing and telecommunications, this is a chance for everybody to deep dive into the space sector, meet with experts, develop your network and discover the technologies and projects of tomorrow through guided tours, workshops, rover demonstrations etc.


Dates already confirmed:


- 03.02.23 : FTA Communication technologies

- 24.02.23 : ispace


March (soon on the registration platform)

- 03/04.03.23 : Kleos Space

- 9/10.03.23 : Yuri

- 17/18.03.23: Hitec


April (soon on the registration platform)

- 28.04.23 : AdwaisEO / EBRC


May (soon on the registration platform)

- 05/06.05.23 : Gradel

- 26.05.23 : AdwaisEO /EBRC



All events can be found here. Registration is free of charge and mandatory.

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