Space Innovation for Earth with the SeRANIS Mission

LuxSpace, the Luxembourg-based subsidiary of space and technology group OHB SE, and the Universität der Bundeswehr München (University of German Armed Forces Munich) signed a contract for the SeRANIS (Seamless Radio Access Network for Internet of Space) small satellite mission. This UniBw M mission provides the world's first publicly accessible multifunctional experimental laboratory in orbit and will use the LuxSpace built Triton-X Heavy platform.

SeRANIS is a small satellite mission with 15 experiments to explore key future technologies in various fields, including future 6G mobile communication systems, laser communication and Internet of Things.

“With the goal to create a multi-functional experimental laboratory on one satellite, the SeRANIS mission is unique and substantially different from traditional “CubeSat” based research approaches. Due to the high complexity of this mission, a reliable and agile platform is needed. The Triton-X Heavy platform prevailed in our call for tenders,” said SeRANIS project leader, Prof. Dr. Andreas Knopp, Professor Space Research Center, Universität der Bundeswehr München. “The SeRANIS mission has two aims: Paving the way for the Bundeswehr’s access to new capabilities in Low Earth Orbit and offering an orbital lab for the German research community.”

Edgar Milic, CEO of LuxSpace said “LuxSpace is proud and enthusiastic to be part of the SeRANIS mission with our high performance and scalable Triton-X platform for smallsats. The variety of innovative technologies and payloads aboard SeRANIS is an ideal fit for our multi-mission platform developed in Light/Medium/Heavy mass classes for up to 250 kg satellites".

LuxSpace was established in Luxembourg in 2004 as a subsidiary of OHB SE and is an integrated provider of small satellites and space-based applications and services. The company can look back on seven successfully launched space systems, including the Triton-2/ESAIL satellite launched in September 2020, and has over 16 years of experience in data applications with a particular focus on the maritime sector and Earth observation. More on

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