Looking for new technology trends that could shape the future GOVSATCOM system

The ENTRUSTED Consortium has launched online consultations with the European satellite communication industry. The survey is addressed to all technology and research players in the European space sector who can share information about new trends and research conducted in the field of secure and sustainable SatCom services. Survey results will provide insights for the mapping of future trends, identification of key technological factors, and the definition of a Research and Innovation (R&I) roadmap for secure SatCom user technology. 

Research conducted within the ENTRUSTED project aims at achieving a common understanding of governmental user needs for secure SatCom systems and creating a consolidated set of user requirements for GOVSATCOM. These findings will be compared with information obtained from the analysis of the state-of-the-art technologies and new trends in secure SatCom systems and services suitable for governmental users in Europe. In the next step, a capability gap analysis will be carried out to indicate necessary research, development and innovation (RD&I) activities related to user SatCom technology and services that need to be made available within the EU supply chain in the coming years.

The ENTRUSTED Consortium is seeking feedback from technology and research players on new trends in the field of secure and sustainable SatCom services that address such aspects as security, robustness, resilience, integrity, interoperability, the EU strategic autonomy – in addition to typical SatCom challenges. The online survey consists of questions related to the foreseen SatCom evolution, secure communications technologies for the next generation of GOVSATCOM systems, priority topics for secure SatCom RD&I activities, and ongoing research projects. 

To take part to the survey, please use the following link before 31 January !

Information obtained from respondents will provide insights for the development of project outputs, in particular, in mapping the future trends, identifying key technological factors, and defining a R&I roadmap for secure SatCom user technology. The roadmap will identify and prioritise actions necessary to fill the gaps between SatCom capabilities and established user requirements. Survey answers will be treated in an anonymous way, but the participation in consultations will be acknowledged on the ENTRUSTED website and in relevant deliverables. Feedback from the industry will be collected until the end of January 2022.

Take part in setting a scene for the next generation of GOVSATCOM systems! More information about the survey can be found here.

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