Luxembourg contribution to EU-wide ENTRUSTED consultation

ENTRUSTED is a European Union (EU) funded project in the area of secure satellite communications (SatCom) for EU and Member States authorities, either involved in critical missions or managing key infrastructures. Launched in September 2020, its core objective is to identify relevant use cases requiring secure SatCom and to gather related needs.

To achieve this goal, the ENTRUSTED Consortium launched an EU-wide survey on April 19th. The survey is addressed to governmental and institutional users managing security-critical missions, operations, and infrastructures. It will allow assessing the current and evolving needs of prospective GOVSATCOM users, as well as their use of existing secure SatCom capabilities and services. Survey results will be used for deriving a set of prioritized user requirements, which will be subsequently considered as inputs for GOVSATCOM.

The Luxembourg national survey is currently ongoing under the leadership of the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA). It is a unique opportunity for the different Luxembourg communities of users to voice their needs and priorities at an early stage of the implementation of the GOVSATCOM component, thus shaping the future of secured SatCom. It is also an opportunity for them to join the nascent network of governmental users.


Satellite communications (SatCom) is an essential capability when terrestrial communication systems are not available and communication links need to be ensured and secured. Governmental and institutional entities need to rely on it in many critical situations. The regulation - to enter into force - establishing the European Union Space Programme, introduces GOVSATCOM as a new component meant to enabling the provision of secured satellite communications capacities and services to EU and Member States authorities managing security-critical missions and infrastructures.


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