Luxembourg reinforces its legal framework for space activities

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Spacecraft landing on asteroid, computer illustration.
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On 10 December two new laws enhancing Luxembourg’s legal framework for space activities authorisation and supervision were submitted to Parliament for approval. The legislation responds to a growth and diversification of activities carried out by space players, especially from private industry.

The Chamber of Deputies unanimously voted the law on the approval of the Convention of the Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space (draft law n° 7270) and the Law on Space Activities (draft law n° 7317) was passed by 58 votes in favour and 2 against.

The Law on Space Activities is a very important step for the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) and will be a valuable tool for the economic development of the dynamic and competitive space sector in Luxembourg. It offers a clear legal framework for the authorisation and supervision of space activities allowing the management of risks related to space activities and state liability as well as providing a safe and attractive environment for operators, investors and entrepreneurs. The Ministry of the Economy and the LSA will be tasked with the authorisation and supervision of space activities, as well as registration of the space objects launched into outer space, according to the new law.

The new legislation will be published and will enter into force in the coming weeks. Further details on the law implementation will follow on the LSA website shortly.

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