ESA and GomSpace Luxembourg sign contract for continued constellation management development

On 20 October GomSpace’s subsidiary in Luxembourg and the European Space Agency (ESA) signed a development contract valued at EUR 1.350.000 for the continued development of GomSpace’s satellite operations platform called HOOP by GomSpace Luxembourg SARL.

The development of the Hands-Off Operations Platform (HOOP) to enable autonomous satellite operations for single satellites and constellations was initiated in 2018 ( under a first development contract resulting in the development of the minimum viable product. HOOP is today fully flight proven and operationally deployed in customer projects.

The new contract will enable GomSpace to take the product to the next level. Additional features will be added, including:

  • Possibility for on-premise deployment of HOOP to customer IT environments
  • Extended simulation and visualisation capability to provide customer with improved situational awareness and what-if analysis capability
  • Improved business integration with generic API’s to interface with customer business systems

With this development project we are tuning the HOOP product to emphasize more on features required for missions with a smaller number of satellites and extending the business models under which HOOP can be deployed in customer projects. This will increase the addressable market for the product,” says Niels Buus, CEO at GomSpace.

The contract is funded by the Luxembourg Space Agency through the Luxembourg National Space Programme LuxIMPULSE and being implemented through ESA.

Marc Serres of the Luxembourg Space Agency said: “We are pleased with GomSpace Luxembourg’s continued development and results achieved with HOOP now in commercial use”.

About GomSpace Luxembourg
GomSpace’s subsidiary in Luxembourg was established in 2017 to offer our customers operations as a service helping to maximum the value gained from operating and exploiting satellite-based infrastructures. Today, 15 skilled colleagues are working at the Luxembourg office.

About HOOP
HOOP (Hands-Off Operations Platform) manages the entire ground segment, from antennas to end-users. It facilitates satellite operations, network management and mission exploitation. Read more on GomSpace’s webpage.

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