WASDI is a cloud platform for Earth Observation (EO) that helps both remote sensing experts and end users work with satellite imagery.

EO experts can turn their algorithms into operational services in the cloud: no need for them to deal with the technicalities of setting up a virtual server or the creation of a docker container. Instead they can enjoy the "develop at home, deploy to the cloud" paradigm: they can work with the technology, language and tools they prefer, and just a drag & drop their code on the website of WASDI to deploy it to the cloud. Then, if they want, they can offer their newly created cloud service in a marketplace.

In this marketplace, end users can find the EO-based services they look for to satisfy their business needs.


WASDI data catalogue grows by the day, and includes observations (Sentinels, Landsat, Proba-V, Envisat), derived products (Copernicus Atmosphere, Copernicus Marine, VIIRS, IMERG, World Cover), simulated products (ERA5), and others (e.g., bathimetry and DEM). WASDI connects to multiple data providers and handles them automatically, meaning reliability, and fast searches and import.

WASDI supports python (pip and conda), ENVI IDL, C#, Java, Javascript, and Octave. Moreover, R is in the roadmap.

WASDI allows the upload and batch execution of SNAP workflows. Processing and preprocessing can be triggered programmatically.

Applications for end users include mapping of floods (rural and urban areas), permanent waters, active fires, burned areas, urban areas; radiometric indices, air quality data downscaling, historical flood analysis.


WASDI offers:

  • a scalable multi-cloud federated platform for Earth Observation, connected to a growing body of data providers
  • the ability to develop new Earth Observation-based applications and cloud services, thanks to the internationally acclaimed research capabilities of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, the 20-years experience in complex software projects development of FadeOut Software and the know-how of RSS-hydro
  • the capability of leading and joining tenders


  • World Bank
  • Joint Research Center (JRC)
  • ESA
  • CIMA Foundation
  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Advanced Microturbines
  • (indirectly) Asian Development Bank


  • ESA, eDRIFT - Expand Demand - Disaster RIsk Financing and Transfer against floods.
  • JRC, EC - Next Generation Mapping of Human Settlements from Copernicus Sentinel-2 data: leveraging cloud
  • computing, machine learning and earth observation data.
  • World Bank, SEADRIF (South-East Asia Disaster Risk Insurance Facility) – daily EO-Based flood Maps over LAOS and Myanmar for National Sovereign Risk against flood, operated by the SEADRIF company, incorporated by World Bank in Singapore.
  • Asian Development Bank - Support to Water and Food Security Planning and Investments in Indonesia Through Earth Observations Services
  • JRC, EC - GHSL Landcover Service Proof-of-Concept - assessing Copernicus Data and DIAS to generate GHSL on demand
  • CIMA Foundation and UNEP - EIS Iraq - development of an Environmental Information System (EIS)

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