Space Products and Innovation


Space Products and Innovation (SPiN) is tackling long and costly manufacturing processes.

We accelerate the technology cycle by enabling faster integration through our adapter to replenish depleted satellite systems rapidly, therefore providing a cheaper and faster solution to improve access to space.

Our product, the Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector (MA61C), is a universal adapter to transform incompatible off-the-shelf components into plug-and-play for satellite manufacturers. It connects to most off-the-shelf components thanks to the ability to support 9 different interfaces, delivering cost reductions of 50% on design, 30% on production, and removing a year from satellite integration time.


The MA61C adapter offers a single connector that matches 80% of suppliers by having 9 interface standards: Spacewire, UART, RS232, RS422, RS485, SPI, CANBUS, I2C and GPIO. It has a powerful processor (GR712RC) and components with space heritage.

MA61C is a solution to facilitate and reduce costs of satellite integration. It is used in space, as a Command and Data-Handling (CDH) device, which can also host the onboard software for small satellite missions. Thanks to our adapter, SPiN also offers an all-inclusive modular CubeSat design and integration service, using COTS to reduce the price and time-to-orbit. 


The company launched its first satellite, SPiN-1, on May 25, 2022. The 1U cubesat was fully designed and integrated by SPiN.

SPiN-1 in-orbit demonstration mission is a project that was born to demonstrate in-orbit reconfiguration and the benefits of modular satellite assembly with off-the-shelf components through MA61C, SPiN’s universal adapter. 

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