SES is the world’s leading satellite operator with over 70 satellites in two different orbits, Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). It provides a diverse range of customers with global video distribution and data connectivity services through two business units: SES Video and SES Networks. SES Video reaches over 351 million TV homes, through Direct-to-Home (DTH) platforms and cable, terrestrial, and IPTV networks globally. The SES Video portfolio includes MX1, a leading media service provider offering a full suite of innovative services for both linear and digital distribution, and the ASTRA satellite system, which has the largest DTH television reach in Europe. SES Networks provides global managed data services, connecting people in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, maritime, aeronautical, and energy, as well as governments and institutions across the world. The SES Networks portfolio includes GovSat, a 50/50 public-private partnership between SES and the Luxembourg government, and O3b, the only non-geostationary system delivering fibre-like broadband services today.


SES Video

SES is the world’s leading video distributor via satellite.SES Video covers the complete video value chain, with a comprehensive suite of distribution solutions using satellite, terrestrial, and IP networks. Our satellites serve more than 8,100 channels to more than one billion people in 355 million homes. Of these channels, SES is today delivers nearly 2,800 HD TV channels and over 40 commercial UHD TV channels.

SES Networks

SES Networks delivers cloud-scale, satellite-enabled network solutions to Aero Service Providers, Energy, Oil & Gas Service Providers, Government Systems and Network Integrators, Maritime Service Providers and Regional Telcos and MNOs.

SES Government Solutions

Provides total communications capacity for the US government and related agencies, from satellite bandwidth to customised end-to-end solutions with hosted payloads.


GovSat is a 50/50 public-private partnership between SES and the Luxembourg government. GovSat-1 is a multi-mission satellite that uses X-band and Military Ka-band frequencies on high-power and fully steerable mission beams to support multiple government related operations.

Public-private partnership providing and operating a global satellite platform enabling rapid response communications for disaster relief.


Satellite-based e-health platform aimed at healthcare providers including non-governmental and governmental organisations, institutes for global health, hospitals and medical universities to improve public health or conduct humanitarian operations in emerging and developing countries.


Satellite operation (GEO and MEO), broadcasting and video value chain, scalable satellite-enabled communications and network services.


SES is trusted by broadcasters, telcos, enterprises, governments and institutions across the world broadcasting more than 8,100 channels and connecting people and businesses on planes, ships, oil rigs and in the most remote area of the planet.


SES is the only operator of MEO satellites for the lowest latency service from space.

Among the biggest projects we are looking forward to, is the O3b mPOWER system, which is on track to be launched in 2021. The system will be based on a constellation of seven MEO satellites manufactured by Boeing. Each of the seven O3b mPOWER satellites provides more than 5,000 beams, which can be combined into fewer, more capable beams as needed. Each satellite has a throughput 10 times greater than those in the first-generation constellation, delivering a multiple terabits-per-second constellation that scales as more satellites are added. In comparison, each of the current O3b MEO satellites provides 12 fully steerable Ka band beams (two for gateways and 10 for remote terminals) and has an aggregate capacity of 16 gigabits per second. The beams each illuminate an area of Earth’s surface measuring 700 kilometres across. The new satellites will seamlessly integrate into our current O3b and GEO fleet.

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