Export Control Compliance Daily.

RespectUs offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product to exporters of sensitive goods, their suppliers and banks.

All exporters of sensitive items (in Space vertical and other industries) face the challenge to determine the need to apply for and be granted a Governmental license when exporting, importing, transiting, brokering or transferring controlled goods, software and technology. It is their responsibility to obtain the license before proceeding, and an illegal (in the sense of, made without required license) put them at risk of heavy administrative and/or criminal sanctions, and civil liability. To answer the question if a license is required, they need to process different checks and screenings: customer, end-use, product and transaction. Currently done mostly manually (or with Excel sheets), RespectUs provide them with a cloud-based platform allowing them to process and duly document and keep records of the checks and screenings.

RespectUs platform will offer:

  • Efficient product classification with regard to control lists , and exchange of classification sheets between suppliers and integrators
  • Efficient customer and end-use due diligence
  • Documentation of an internal compliance program
  • Protection against legal fines and/or business suspension
  • Productivity gains (time, resources, money)
  • Proper determination of license requirement
  • Demonstration of overall compliance with export control regulations


The RespectUs platform will be composed of different modules, each of them being able to be subscribed to individually:

1. Risk Assessment

2. Customer Screening

3. product Classification

4. End-Use checks

5. License Determination

6. Sanctions & Embargoes

7. Knowledge Base


RespectUs is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product, that means a cloud-based computing software with a subscription basis and online access only.


SMEs and large enterprises from Space sector. Exporting companies and suppliers from other industries.


Export Control compliance for Space companies, and their suppliers.                                                                                      

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