Rafinex SARL


Rafinex is a company focused on the development of next-gen computational design and optimization algorithms for safety-critical engineering applications, ranging from structural over fluid-structure and beyond in sectors such as space, aerospace, and defence. A particular focus is on the use of stochastic methods to account for real-life variability in digital design & optimization, making the digital design considerably more realistic and applicable in in-service conditions. Finally, Rafinex has in-house know-how on latest algorithmic mathematics and numerical HPC expertise.


Rafinex distributes its world-class algorithms for robust safety-critical design optimizations through it SaaS platform entitled Möbius. With the latter, customers can achieve weight saving and performance improvements of real-life designs at scale. Additionally, Rafinex provides application engineering support as well as custom mathematical algorithms developments for high-value challenging problem statements.


Rafinex' groundbreaking innovation is our AI-assisted topology optimization for safe, lightweight designs. This technology actively manages uncertainty and risks of real-life variability to create uniquely robust designs that remain safe even in off-design load conditions. Rafinex offers a suite of next-generation algorithms to solve your product design and manufacturing challenges. We ensure structurally optimized designs for various manufacturing strategies like casting, moulding, AM as well as fibre directions in composites. Using Rafinex’ technology end-users can systematically optimize reliable product designs fit for reality and thereby achieving profitable sustainability at scale.


European OEMs & Tier 1s in the areas of aerospace, automotive, racing, aerospace, tooling & consumer products.


Rafinex is a member of the European Defence Agency’s Land and Air CapTech communities with activities in land and aerial vehicle design optimization. Similarly, activities in space & satellite component optimization. In the UK, Rafinex is the primary algorithm developed for the 40m GBP ASCEND consortium, lead by GKN Aerospace and McLaren Automotive, for the development of high-rate composite manufacturing and its associated supply-chain. 


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