The core business of Orbitare is addressing the needs of people from space. We work in identifying projects of large social impact which can only be made possible with the use of space assets and make them happen by working on the three business pillars of market, funding, and development. Spaceloop is the first of such projects, aiming at changing the market of personal satellite communications by providing universal access to IP messaging connectivity to keep people always safe and connected to those who matter to them.


IP messaging services over the Spaceloop satellite network.

Integration of third-party applications over the Spaceloop network.

Network as a Product – turn-key satellite networks designed to meet the needs of specific customers.

Skylink test services: In-space demonstration services of software payloads and communication systems links in S-Band over our SDR payload.

Transfer of space experience – we are happy to share our long time experience in space with the vibrant community of new space.


  • Skylink test facility: our SDR payload in space operating in S-Band with the corresponding ground equipment and frequency licenses.
  • Software tools to design and analyse advanced communication systems.
  • Standard RF laboratory equipment up to 6GHz
  • Flight representative Software Defined Radios
  • Diverse transceiver and FPGA evaluation boards
  • Antennas


The main customers of Spaceloop will be adventure travelers, professional and recreational mariners, NGO personnel and journalists working in the field, the communities in the Earth Polar regions and any other location across the World. Governments and large organizations are potential customers of Spaceloop Networks as a Product.


The Spaceloop IP messaging personal satellite communication system is the main project of Orbitare. It reached TRL6 under a LuxIMPULSE contract with an In-Orbit demonstration Mission which continues in operation. Development continues under ESA ARTES C&G Programme with TRL9 planned for Q4 2023. Orbitare’s core activity is in the user, mission and system level engineering, the development of the end-to-end communication stack, the payload and the user terminal hardware. Non-core activities are performed in cooperation with our international partners.

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