Orbitare is a space company addressingthe needs of people. We identify projects of large social impact which can only be made possible with the use of Space and make them happen by working on the three pillars of market, funding, and development. Spaceloop is our first large project, aiming at changing the market of personal satellite communications by providing universal access to IP messaging connectivity to keep people always safe and connected to those who matter to them.


Connecting people via IP messaging over the Spaceloop satellite network. Connecting communities with our IP-based data transport network integrated with the internet. Network as a Product – we deliver turn-key satellite networks designed to meet the needs of specific applications or for dedicated customers. Transfer of space experience – we are happy to share our long time experience in space with the vibrant community of new space. In-space demonstration services of software payloads and communication systems in S-Band over our SDR payload.


One SDR payload in space operating in S-Band

  • Software tools to design and analyse
  • advanced communication systems
  • Spectrum analyser
  • Low noise signal generator
  • Flight representative Software Defined Radios
  • Programmable satellite communication ground stations
  • Antennas
  • FPGA evaluation boards


The main customers of Spaceloop will be adventure travelers, professional and recreational mariners, NGO personnel and journalists working in the field, the communities in the Earth Polar regions. We will also extend our network to provide communications to isolated communities across the world, with Governments as the likely customers.


In July 2020 we launched the first phase of the development of Spaceloop in our new office at Technoport in Luxembourg. As of June 2021, we have reached TRL 6 with our two in-orbit demonstration missions in partnership with Spire Global. We continue working towards completing the development, deploying the satellite fleet and ground system, and taking Spaceloop to the market in the first quarter of 2023. Spaceloop is meant to replace the offering of personal satellite communications of the incumbents, filling the gap between the satellite broadband and mega-constellation proposals, and the IoT initiatives.

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