Northstar Earth & Space


NorthStar's goal is to vastly improve sustainability by creating a unique set of information services, Space Information & Intelligence (Si2) and Earth Information & Intelligence (Ei2), that will empower humanity to preserve our critical Space and Earth environments.   

From space, NorthStar will accurately track and predict the positions of Space objects and Earth ecosystems through a secure and dedicated system of systems comprising sensors, algorithms, and high-speed information processing. NorthStar´s high fidelity, contextualized information services are designed to keep the Earth and Space environments safe, sustainable, and secure for future generations. NorthStar services empower decision-makers and organizations to predict outcomes and take timely actions to protect valuable assets and make informed decisions with confidence. NorthStar is proud to have its European HQ in Luxembourg and is planning to realize an important operational facility to develop and launch leading edge commercial products.  


NorthStar delivers a suite of high-speed, comprehensive information services through a sophisticated and adaptable platform.  

The NorthStar Europe team in Luxembourg works on the Si2 platform to offer automated and scalable tools that deliver actionable Space Traffic Management insights. Our conjunction assessment and alerting system predicts close encounters between resident space objects (RSOs) tracked in the NorthStar RSO Catalogue and issues a warning when risk exceeds an acceptable threshold. More broadly, our mapping and risk assessment services help clients identify less congested and less risky regions of space where it may be safer to plan an orbit. In each case, solutions are built on the unique space-based observations and data processing pipelines that are at the core of NorthStar.


NorthStar’s space-based monitoring system continuously surveys the near-Earth Space environment from LEO to beyond GEO, producing precise observations that drive NorthStar’s Space Information & Intelligence (Si2) platform. With a stream of space-based sensor data coupled with proprietary algorithms and AI, NorthStar delivers high-precision and predictive Space Object Tracking to address immediate and future Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic Management challenges.   


NorthStar Earth & Space has a wide range of clients worldwide. For Space Information & Intelligence (SI2), these include:

  • Commercial Satellite operators
  • Governments and Agencies
  • Regulatory organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • International, Humanitarian & Research Organizations


In Luxembourg, NorthStar is partnering with SES to enhance Space Situational Awareness and ensure sustainable use of space for the future. They will be working together to develop, launch and evolve NorthStar’s SSA products, tailored to benefit SES’ satellite operations and fleet management and to promote best practices in all near-earth orbits for SES and its partners. The collaboration is targeted towards more responsible and sustainable operations in space from all stakeholders, with Space Sustainability as a central pillar in SES’ ESG strategy.

NorthStar has embarked on the LuxImpulse project, administered by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), to drive the development of cutting-edge tools and applications for space traffic mapping, close approach warning systems, and global space hazard risk assessment. These advancements are crucial for fleet management, future mission planning, and insurance considerations. NorthStar objective with LuxImpulse, is to rapidly advance these developments to meet the growing demand for improved observation, up-to-date knowledge, and precise navigation tools in an increasingly crowded space environment. 

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