Lunar Outpost


In order to enable long term operations in space and therefore increase the value gained from each mission, it is critical to maximize mission longevity. On the Moon, this means being able to survive the daunting temperature changes between lunar day and night. Lunar Outpost EU creates thermal technologies to enable enhanced survivability on the Moon, cis-lunar space, and extreme conditions on Earth. 


Lunar Outpost EU offers thermal control system components and subsystems for satellites, planetary vehicles, payloads and other hardware operating in extreme conditions. These products will be offered as COTS components to support the rapid development cycles seen in the Cubesat and New Space arenas, as well as in customized packages if necessary. This offering includes an active thermal switch that allows for the transfer of heat between different areas in a system in a controlled manner, leading to enhanced survivability and more flexible ConOps.


LuxIMPULSE contract with LSA and ESA for the development of specialized technologies, contributing to the commercial thermal component and system offerings. This includes hardware for the MAPP lunar rover missions, in partnership with Lunar Outpost Inc in the US.

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