Lunar Outpost EU


In order to enable long term operations in space and therefore increase the value gained from each mission, it is critical to maximize mission longevity. On the Moon, this means being able to survive the daunting temperature changes between lunar day and night. Lunar Outpost EU creates thermal technologies to enable enhanced survivability on the Moon, cis-lunar space, and extreme conditions on Earth. 


Lunar Outpost EU offers thermal control and thermal energy storage   subsystems for satellites, planetary vehicles, payloads and other hardware operating in extreme conditions. These products are offered in custom, as well asCOTS packages to support rapid development. This includes an active thermal switch that controls the transfer of heat between locations in a system, leading to enhanced survivability and ConOp flexibility.

Lunar Outpost EU offers Thermal Engineering and Testing services for customers throughout their system’s lifecycle, including TVAC chambers at Lunar Outpost’s LU facility available for 3rd party testing.

Finally, Lunar Outpost EU also offers the Canary, an IoT environmental monitoring device. This low cost, modular, constant monitoring solution was originally built by Lunar Outpost in the US and now also sold in LU.


Lunar Outpost customers include governmental space agencies, as well as international space companies, focusing on orbital and lunar operations.


LuxIMPULSE contract with LSA and ESA for the development of specialized technologies, contributing to the commercial thermal and energy component and system offerings. This includes thermal switch hardware for the MAPP lunar rover missions, in partnership with Lunar Outpost Inc in the US.

Active Thermal Switch caption: The Active Thermal Switch controls the flow of thermal energy from one point to another, allowing systems to better control their temperature in an active, rather than passive manner. It is available as a COTS component and is designed and manufactured in Luxembourg.

Thermal Vacuum Testing Facility caption: Lunar Outpost EU offers Thermal Engineering and Testing Services, including testing in its two TVAC chambers. The Lunar Outpost TVAC is designed to perform thermal balance and cycling tests for spacecraft subsystems and components, reaching levels of <5*10^-6 mbar.

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