LMO is a young and dynamic company tackling the challenges posed by the growing space industry and in-space economy. By combiningnovel technologies with heritage space experience and practices LMO can provide innovative solutions to both heritage and emerging space companies. With operations in Luxembourg and UK LMO provides Innovative Solutions for Small Satellite & In-Orbit Servicing Missions. LMO’s core focus lies in the fields of Space Situational Awareness & Propulsion. In Luxembourg LMO offers Space Situational Awareness payloads and software based on machine learning to enable Space Surveillance & Tracking and Autonomous Proximity Operations for In-orbit servicing. In its UK daughter company LMO offers propulsion systems and components for small satellites and in-orbit servicing vehicles.


  • Computer Vision for Space Applications
  • Embedded Software for Space Electronics
  • Space Situational Awareness SW & Payloads for Space Resident Object Identification & Characterisation
  • Space Situational Awareness SW & Payloads for Rendezvous & Proximity Operations


In Luxembourg LMO offers all necessity tools and capabilities to develop, embed and test algorithms for Space Applications such as Space Surveillance & Tracking, Proximity Operations, Autonomous Navigation and Earth Observation.


LMO main customers are small satellite and in-orbit servicing vehicle manufacturers. LMO also collaborates with other subsystem providers to offer end-to-end solutions. Current customers include Astroscale, Exotrail, MDA and Nammo.

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