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ispace is a private lunar exploration company and a leading competitor in the NewSpace Race. We develop micro-robotics that will allow us to learn more about the Moon’s water and how to use it as propellant to broaden access to space. ispace is an enabler for science, progress and innovation. In this sense, we believe that by making the Moon accessible, we will provide companies with the opportunity to participate in the development of the lunar economy. Our vision is to create a new ecosystem in outer space and expand the human living sphere beyond Earth.


  • Payload Delivery: We deliver payloads to the Moon using our small and lightweight lunar landers and rovers.
  • Data Collection: Using our lunar rovers, we will collect scientific information about the lunar environment, process and provide valuable data for space and non-space customers.
  • Partnerships: We offer opportunities for companies to join the lunar adventure through partnerships based joint technology development, space business entry and corporate branding.


Space and non-space customers


World’s first private commercial lunar missions scheduled for 2020-2021

Water prospection at the lunar poles

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