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ispace is a private lunar exploration company and a leading innovator in space robotics and data analytics.
ispace has a global presence with headquarters in Japan and offices in Luxembourg and in the US. The company is developing among the first lunar landers (spacecraft for delivery to the lunar surface) and lunar rovers (robots for surface mobility). These key technological solutions coupled with ispace’s in-house capabilities and competences in data analytics and space resources are what sets ispace apart as one-stop shop for lunar transportation & exploration and expanding business opportunities on the Moon.

Our vision is to create a new ecosystem in outer space and expand the human living sphere beyond Earth.

In 2022, ispace became the first fully private company to successfully launch a lander to the Moon.


  • Payload Delivery: We deliver payloads (cargo) to the Moon using our small and lightweight lunar landers and rovers.
  • Data Analytics: Using our lunar rovers, we will collect critical information about the lunar environment and its resources, and process them into valuable data products for space and non-space customers.
  • Partnerships: We offer opportunities for companies to join the lunar adventure through partnerships based on joint technology development, space business entry and corporate branding.
  • Resource Exploration Services: We provide services and expertise in fields such as mission planning, space resources and reserves evaluation, autonomous navigation systems and space resources prospection and exploration.


Our small, robotic lunar landers and lunar rovers are designed to provide low-cost, high-frequency transportation of customer payloads to the Moon (instruments, supplies, etc):

• _Series 1: 30kg design payload capacity to the surface

• _Series 2: 500kg design payload capacity to the surface (2mT in orbit)

Our rover, developed by ispace EUROPE S.A., will capture its surroundings with the help of multiple cameras and will offer payload capacity for applications requiring mobility on the lunar surface.


  • Space agencies, research institutes, private space companies 
  • Non-space commercial companies willing to expand their business in outer space or to use space-based technologies for terrestrial applications


ispace Europe activities in Luxembourg include:

  • Development of commercial lunar rovers
  • Development of lunar data analytics solutions
  • Development of methods to prospect, explore, extract and process lunar resources



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