INTEGRASYS, was established in 1990. The company was founded by a team of Hewlett Packard engineers, who spin-off to develop automated signal monitoring for the government. Since then, we have developed technologies for streamlining communications, especially in satellite network environments and remote areas to bridge the digital divide.

INTEGRASYS is a software development and engineering company specialized in satellite network design, deployment, maintenance, and interference mitigation tools for monitoring critical satellite infrastructure in the commercial and defence fields. Our innovative products are sold worldwide to main SatCom network manufacturers, operators and services providers.


Integrasys product portfolio is totally adapted to the current needs of Satellite and Network Operators, covering all stages, from design, deployment, and maintenance of ground segment:

- Antijamming Capabilities (Interference Canceller for Defence, Attack or Protect) – Ground and onboard capabilities

- Link Budget (Satellite Network Design) and Multiorbit

- Automate and Fast Installation terminals

- Zero Touch Installation Terminals (plug and play deployment for automated antennas)

- Capacity Management and Monitoring (sharing a pool of spectrum for different users)

- Geolocate Interferences

- Automated Network Maintenance (perform automated checks to effectively manage a global network from a centralize location with redundancy and security)

- Securitization of Firmware (for preventing and mitigating Hacking in terminals)


RF signal processing components for Automated Radio Spectrum Monitoring, based on modular designs where basic components are re-used across different systems, extended and integrated in order to create specialized tools to be used in the lab and/or in the field. Examples: ultra-fast wideband signal acquisition, automated signal detection, vector-based characterization or signal geolocation, antenna arrays and carrier processing techniques

Satellite communications lab: based on fully-fledged manufacturers Satellite Hub (iDirect, Newtec, Comtech, SpaceBridge…) and user terminals

Embedded computing lab based on a large and diversified set of embedded computing boards and FPGAs with associated tooling for professional embedded software development

Satellite LEO TT&C laboratory based on LEO RF simulators and the CCSDS TT&C software modem.


  • Service Providers:  KTSat/Speedcast/Marlink /OPTUS/Datacomm/Axesat/
  • Hub manufacturers: ST Engineering iDirect / Hughes/ Comtech/ SpaceBridge/UHP
  • Integrators: Waldo/Aicox/Lumina/nelco/ Airbus /L3Harris
  • Satellite Operators: Intelsat/JSAT/APSAT/MEASAT/SES/Telespazio/Arsat
  • Antenna Manufacturers: Kymeta/GATR/
  • Telcos: Telefonica/entel/Vodafone/ / AT&T/Orange
  • Government: EU Commission, Italy MoD, Singapore MoD, US DoD


ESA CLEANRF. Signal processing solution placed in the reception chain of a satellite RF link that allows the detection, separation and cancellation of RFI sources

SEC RESISTO:  Protection of Critical Telecommunication infrastructure – Integrasys works at RF level protection. Interference detection, protection of firmware of network devices based on blockchain solution

H2020 GSA AIOSAT: Tracking and Mission critical communications for firefighters (Galileo, Inertial Sensors, In-situ infrastructure and SatCom). Integrasys provide hybrid self-deployable terrestrial and satellite communication network

ESA KA-METROCAL to design, manufacture and test a high precision (+/- 0.5 dB uncertainty) metrology and calibration system for Ka Band able to perform fast, accurate and inexpensive Rx Carrier Power measurements for satellite services in Ka-Band.

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