InTech SA


InTech is a POST Luxembourg Group subsidiary specialized in IT Consulting and Digital Application Development. InTech designs and implements software solutions combining specific developments and integration of generic components with skills of project management, functional and technical architectural consulting, technical expertise and development.

InTech supports its customers and partners in their digital transformation by providing innovative and pragmatic services and effective solutions for their strategic project. Historically meeting the needs of Luxembourg's financial sectors and administrations, it aims to diversify especially in the space segment, mainly with its Innovation pole and its expertise in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. InTech also co-organizes two major Space hackathons in Luxembourg: Space Hack and Act In Space.


InTech provides IT services from IT Consulting to Development of digital specific tailored solutions including mobile and web applications. InTech believes that innovation and identification of the most suitable technologies for a given problem are the keys to successful projects. We co-create and design solutions and carry out complex projects with the help of development experts, UX specialists, technical architects and project managers.


Open Source Development Tools, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, VR/AR


  • Blockchain for Secure Nano-Satellite Constellations with Distributed Authority
  • SkyTrust – Trust digital assets using space data
  • Lux5GCloud – Cloud hierarchical database platform


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