IBISA is a tech platform for insurance actors to unlock the agriculture microinsurance market worldwide. IBISA designs innovative weather-based index products and provides a platform to distribute and manage them in a cost-efficient and automated way using Earth Observation and blockchain technologies.

IBISA is tackling the problem of uninsurability of millions of farmers by enabling the next generation agriculture insurance.             

500 million smallholders produce 70% of the food that is consumed worldwide worth 1.7 Trillion USD, yet, they do not have access to crop insurance and are exposed to weather related risks. Traditional insurance companies have not penetrated this market efficiently due to cost-structure problems that make microinsurance not viable for them.


IBISA enables local mutual insurers, commercial insurers, cooperatives, and global companies to provide transparent and objective protection (weather index insurance) to their customers. Fully digital end to end platform that includes index design, policy management platform and automated remote loss assessment based on Earth Observation satellite data.

IBISA service comprises:

  • Weather insurance product definition and pricing
  • Loss Assessment as a Service
  • Cloud-based platform and tools to distribute and manage the protection products



Insurance actors, Finance Institutions and Global Companies


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