IBISA is a pioneering insurtech startup, providing innovative climate-risk insurance solutions. Drawing on satellite data and cutting-edge technology, we aim to shield communities and businesses that are most vulnerable to climate change. Our comprehensive services encompass the design, distribution, and management of accessible, cost-efficient, and bespoke insurance products for a wide range of climate-exposed sectors. We maintain strategic partnerships with both local organizations and global reinsurers, bridging gaps and fostering trust in the insurance domain. Ultimately, IBISA’s mission has global reach: to protect those most vulnerable to climate risks, fostering resilience, and mitigating the socio-economic impacts of climate change.


At IBISA, we offer satellite-powered parametric insurance against climate risks, primarily to climate-exposed communities and businesses. Using our proprietary risk models, we design insurance products based on weather data analysis, providing protection against factors such as excess rainfall, drought, heat stress, and more. We also offer our clients an intuitive policy management platform that monitors insured events, sending alerts and facilitating swift claim responses. With our inclusive and adaptive model, we can cater to diverse geographical locations and climate vulnerabilities. Beyond insurance services, we consult, guiding our clients in designing insurance products and pricing them. Harnessing the power of Earth observation satellites, we're committed to making climate risk insurance affordable, accessible, and effective for those most in need. 


Insurance actors, Finance Institutions, Agriculture Input Providers, G&I and Global Food and Beverage Companies.


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