IBISA is a tech-based Global Climate Insurance Platform. IBISA builds, distributes, and operates climate insurance solutions for agriculture and dairy in a cost-efficient, scalable and innovative way. Configurable Weather Parametric insurance with affordable premiums, fully digitalized, transparent, and rapid payouts that is changing the way cooperatives, agriculture financial providers, inputs providers and food and beverage companies recover from the impact of extreme weather events and support smallholder farmers to stay in business and flourish. 


IBISA’s solution overcomes the challenges of high administration and claim assessment costs hindering the large-scale uptake of agricultural insurance.

IBISA has a global presence with operations in India, Philippines, Senegal and Guatemala and is working with different segments in the Agri value chain. 


IBISA’s platform is composed by 3 main building blocks: underwriting engine, policy management system and automated and remote loss calculation.

We use remote sensing, blockchain and actuarial technologies to design products that are cost-efficient, transparent, simple and adapted to the needs of our customers.

IBISA builds and operates innovative products, fast, adapted to the need of the clients and package them to fit into their business. From protection embedded in contract farming structures, to weather derivatives to forecast insurance.

Products cover  customer’s segment needs, from:

Understanding of Climate risk exposure

Insurance Product design

Support to insurers

Climate insurance Insurance (drought, excess rain, temperature, cyclone, excess windspeed, etc.)


Insurance actors, Finance Institutions, Agriculture Input Providers, G&I and Global Food and Beverage Companies.


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