Hydrosat is a data analytics company based in Luxembourg that applies proprietary algorithms to satellite thermal imagery, combines it with data fusion capabilities and delivers insights into plant health and related applications for commercial and government customers around the world.


Our team in Luxembourg is focused on developing two commercial products, both with significant commercial potential and offering substantial environmental benefits. The first focuses on early and accurate yield forecasts of all crops across the globe. Agribusiness companies, financial traders, governments and other customers will have unparalleled insights into what they can expect out of local and global production of everything from grains to coffee to sugar cane, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently. Our second product provides tells farmers exactly when and how much to water their crops. Hydrosat’s own field studies, backed up by NASA research, have demonstrated that this will increase farm production by 20% while also substantially decreasing water usage – a win for the farmer and a benefit for the planet.



  • Design and integration of ground station
  • Small antenna manufacturing for ground station
  • Whole MRO service for ground station


  • Monitoring and Control Software for ground station
  • Multi-mission operation system for ground station
  • Web-based platform and cloud technology for ground station service
  • High-speed satellite image processing
  • Calibration and validation (CAL/VAL) of satellite imagery
  • Object detection on standard satellite image data


Food processors, packagers and distributors

Commodity Traders

Insurance Companies

Government Agencies

Corporate and Independent Farmers

Humanitarian Organizations


Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Constellation

Although there are many space imagery constellations in orbit and planned for launch, thermal imagery is missing. Consequently, Hydrosat is developing a constellation of four spacecraft that will provide a complete heat map of Earth every few days. The data from these satellites will enhance our products and give us unparalleled access to high-resolution thermal imagery to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial and government customers.                                                                                      

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