Helix Space


Helix Space has two divisions:

1. Services: We serve the NewSpace industry in the fields of Space Resources, Ground Segment virtualization/cloudification, downstream applications, and big data, with Soft Funding, Product/Market Fit, and Cybersecurity Services.

We also serve the Life Sciences value chain providing scientific review and grant evaluation services.

2. R&D: We want to use existing and future research infrastructure on Earth’s orbit to develop and commercialize biomolecules, biomaterials, and nutritional supplements for preventive and therapeutic management of human and veterinary diseases on Earth.


Soft Funding:

Helix Space helps you obtain national (e.g., Luxembourg Space Agency, Belgian Space Office), or intergovernmental (e.g., European Space Agency, European Union Space Agency) grants to develop your product or service. We provide the following services:

  • Analyse and identify public grants or tenders that fit your requirements.
  • Create or guide you in the preparation of the Business Plan, Cost Sheets and Financial Model material required by the public procurement agency.
  • Review and determine if there are any gaps in the technical, legal and management material prepared by your team.
  • Assist you during the negotiation phase with the public procurement agency.


Product/Market Fit

Helix Space works with you to make sure your product or service is Feasible, Desirable and Viable. We help and/or guide you through the following tasks:

  • Value proposition design
  • Market analysis and assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business model
  • Go to market strategy
  • Product development roadmap
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Financial model, sensitivity analysis and scenarios.
  • Commercial risk analysis
  • Business/Technical partner mapping & networking

We can do this as part of your existing product development budget, or as part of a publicly funded project.



Helix Space assesses or audits your cybersecurity stand based on internal or external requirements. We provide the following cybersecurity services so you can achieve your business goals:

  • Risk Assessment using standard frameworks (e.g., National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-30, or ESA European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) M-ST-80C).
  • State-of-the-Art Analysis (e.g., satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)).
  • Improve your cybersecurity stand via audits based on internal or external requirements (e.g., National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) Internal Report (IR) 8401).


Life Sciences:

Helix Space provides scientific review and grant evaluation services to researchers, private and public research institutions, and private companies.




  • Open-source tools for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), such as Shodan, theHarvester, and FOCA, and Vulnerability Analysis, such as OpenVAS.
  • Commercial tools for Vulnerability Analysis such as Nessus.


Life Sciences:

Within the field of human metabolism and its role in health and disease, our expertise includes computational modelling for OMICs analysis using a variety of tools:

  • MatLab and R, Python, with COBRA toolbox, Bioconductor for the analysis of diverse OMICS data types (e.g., genomic, transcriptomic, proteomics, metabolomics).
  • Good Clinical Practice



Publicly disclosed:

  • Amphinicy
  • European Space Resources Innovation Center (ESRIC)
  • European Science Foundation
  • Luxinnovation
  • Startup Division
  • Verhaert Masters in Innovation


Under confidential agreement:

  • Cybersecurity service providers
  • Satellite Operators
  • SpaceTech start-ups & SMEs
  • Consulting firms
  • Investment firms



CASSINI Business Accelerator

CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring

D2D satellite communications

ESRIC Start-up Support Programme

Fit4Start – Space

Fit4Start – High Performance Computing & Data Analytics


Quantum Key Distribution

Space Hubs Network

ViSAGE Feasibility Study

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