Four Point Space SARL


As a member of structure that holds Four Point, Remote Sensing Business Solutions, Haul Vision, Remote Sensing Environmental Solutions and Four Point Space, company leverages cutting-edge AI and SpaceTech to revolutionize transportation and environmental monitoring. Our two prime offerings, TerraEye and Autonomous Transportation Platform (ATP), redefine logistics and terrain mapping, with applications in mining, space exploration, and beyond. Our robust products boost safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, shaping the future of industries and space exploration.


Many industries struggle with inefficient logistics, hazardous working conditions, and environmental impact. We address these issues with TerraEye and ATP. TerraEye provides real-time, comprehensive geospatial data for precise environmental monitoring, while ATP optimizes material transport via autonomous haulage, enhancing safety and efficiency additionally expanding TerraEye capability with extra sensor data collected from in situ operations.


TerraEye, our advanced geospatial intelligence platform, uses multi-source geospatial data, AI, and satellite imagery for real-time, precise ground condition information. It creates digital twins of environments, with reporting and notification features for efficient monitoring. This real-time data and analytics combo is industry novel. Our Autonomous Transportation Platform (ATP) boosts our unique value with autonomous haulage, improving safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in material transport. The real magic happens when these two technologies synergize. They not only tackle immediate industry challenges but also show promise in space exploration, an underserved area. Our dual-tech, future-focused approach sets us apart.


Industries like mining, transportation, and space exploration are constantly seeking innovative technologies to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Issues such as environmental monitoring, land cover segmentation, and autonomous transportation present constant challenges, and the demand for robust solutions is high. Customers are acutely aware of these problems and are keen on implementing cutting-edge technology that can alleviate them effectively.


TerraEYE – application designed to analyse the productivity of a mine, its impact on the environment, plan new extraction, and track machine telematics.

ATP – Autonomous Transport Platform to be used in Lunar environment, granted in Start-up Support Programme in ESRIC; part of ecosystem in ‘Site Preparation for Landing/Launch Pad and Blast Shield Construction’ developed by Astroport Space Technologies, Inc. in STTR project funded by NASA.

Regolith Sorting Station – concept study during ‘Site Preparation for Landing/Launch Pad and Blast Shield Construction’ project developed by Astroport Space Technologies Inc. Under patent registration and further development.


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