Flawless Photonics


Manufacturing of optical glasses, fibers and components in microgravity. Flawless Photonics produces the industry-leading Flawless Fiber, which is an optical fiber from a fluoride glass called ZBLAN, produced in microgravity conditions in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). From this fiber, improved and novel applications are produced for the photonics industry such as lasers, amplifiers, sensors, as well as superior optical cables for the telecommunications industry.


Flawless Photonics offers superior optical fibers of various geometries and performance capabilities, as well as components, products, and system-solutions such as lasers, amplifiers, LiDAR, and sensors.


Flawless Photonics conducts extensive research and development in the field of ZBLAN glass, Mid Wave InfraRed, AI and robotic automation, and other areas critical to the success of producing large volumes of commercial grade Flawless Fiber for use across applications and across industries.


Currently Flawless Photonics has one main customer, with approximately 50 potential customers at various stages of discussion to procure and utilize Flawless Fiber once sufficient quantities and performance have been achieved.


Flawless Photonics is in the business of manufacturing commercial-grade Flawless Fiber at scale. To this end, our primary space projects are to achieve this mission. Various facets of Flawless Photonics’ business from R&D, to manufacturing, and supply chain are influenced by the unique requirements and demands of transportation to LEO, being successful in the special conditions of microgravity, and safely returning our products to Earth for sale and fulfilment with our customers.

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