EmTDLab - Space Division S.A.


Space radiation is still the most limiting factor for satellite and spacecraft. Current radiation shielding solutions are either inefficient from an economic and technical point of view or completely absent from the newest ships for deep space travel. EmTDLab is the sole company that tackles the radiation shielding challenge at a fundamental level. The technology uses nature-inspired algorithms where the radiation-fittest materials are selected for reproduction and mutation in order to produce offspring's of the next generation. The fittest candidates are then scaled-up to their microstructure to predict their mechanical properties & manufacturing condition. The combination of radiation & mechanical properties optimisation is a novel and inventive technology that will revolutionize the way materials are designed in the New Space era.


  • Mass-producible multi-layer shielding for System-on-Module electronics components dedicated to in-space computing.
  • Custom-produced radiation optimised structural materials for space vehicle.
  • VLEO to deep space radiation environment simulation
  • Radiation exposure modelling & shielding optimisation for existing materials
  • Contract research aerospace engineering services for existing materials radiation shielding optimisation
  • Contract Research / aerospace engineering services outsourcing for new materials discovery: Spacecraft Shielding Optimisation, On-board Electronics Shielding optimisation: IC’s, MCU’s, CPU’s, GPU’s, FPGA’s, DRAM, AI Chips, and Power Systems.


Radiation Optimised Materials Possible Scope:

  • Metal alloys
  • Crystalline polymers
  • Technical ceramics

Physical & Chemical Properties Optimisation

  • Radiation Shielding: Heavy Ions, High Energy Protons, High Energy Electrons, Secondary neutrons; secondary electrons; EMI shielding

Mechanical Properties Optimisation

  • Young Modulus
  • Instant Fracture
  • Fatigue Crack, fatigue crack propagation


  • Private aerospace companies
  • Spacecraft integrators
  • Space agencies
  • Radiation-hardened electronics manufacturers
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics manufacturers


  • Smart Radiation Shielding for EEE Components
  • European Space Agency (ESA) supplier
  • Member of Singapore Space Technology Limited

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