EmTDLab develops advanced capabilities to extend human existence into deep space. The first priority is to develop materials that will significantly minimize the exposure of the human body and on-board electronics to space radiation. Our goal is to reduce the radiation risk for the crew to a level known as “As Low as Reasonably Achievable”. Ideally, this would be where the risk for radiation exposure in space is comparable to that on Earth.

The structural configuration of the spacecraft is our company’s starting point to improve radiation protection. EmTDLab builds prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility and commercial viability of radiation protection systems. The research will lead to applications for space, air and Earth-based systems that are sensitive to radiation


VLEO to deep space radiation environment simulation

Radiation exposure modelling & shielding optimisation for existing materials

Contract research / aerospace engineering services outsourcing for existing materials radiation shielding optimisation (structural materials only, not functional materials – semiconductors).

Contract Research / aerospace engineering services outsourcing for new materials discovery: Spacecraft Shielding Optimisation, On-board Electronics Shielding optimisation: IC’s, MCU’s, CPU’s, GPU’s, FPGA’s, DRAM, AI Chips, and Power Systems.

Custom or mass-produced industrial scale radiation shields for space electronics components at chip level or board level.

Custom or mass-produced Industrial scale radiation optimised structural materials for space vehicle.


Radiation Optimised Materials Possible Scope:

  • Metal Alloys
  • Polymers
  • Ceramics
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Composites
  • Foams

Physical & Chemical Properties Optimisation

  • Radiation Shielding: High Energy Protons, High Energy Electrons, Galactic Cosmic Rays (Heavy Ions), Secondary neutrons; Optional: Gamma Rays and EMI shileding
  • Thermal Management: Heat Dissipation / Heat Sink
  • ATOX – Atomic Oxygen Corrosion

Mechanical Properties Optimisation

  • Specific Strength
  • Specific Modulus
  • Fracture Toughness
  • Fatigue Crack


  • Space agencies
  • Private aerospace companies
  • Large spacecraft integrators
  • Space Electronics Segment
  • Radiation-hardened electronics manufacturers
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf electronics manufacturers


Member of Singapore Space Technology Limited

Private Public Partnerships with EU member state

Industrial project are currently confidential

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