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e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company, is a leading global software and engineering services company, fully focused on state-of-theart modelling of advanced materials and structures.


Digimat, the Material Modelling Platform developed by e-Xstream, is a unique, unified and integrated composites simulation tool, available on the market today. It offers complete capabilities to model the nonlinear multi-scale behavior of advanced materials.

• Digimat-MF: Mean-Field homogenisation software to predict the nonlinear constitutive behavior of multi-phase material

• Digimat-FE: Finite Element modelling of realistic Representative Volume Elements (RVE) of material microstructures

• Digimat-MX: Material eXchange platform to reverse engineer, store, retrieve and securely exchange Digimat material models between material experts and end users

• Digimat-CAE: Interfaces to all major injection molding and structural FEA software codes

• Digimat-MAP: Shell and 3D mapping software to transfer fibre orientation, residual stresses, temperatures and weld lines from injection molding simulation onto a structural FEA mesh

• Digimat-HC: User-friendly solution for the design of honeycomb core composite sandwich panels based on FE analyses to compute bending and shear scenarios

• Digimat-VA: Tools dedicated to the automatic generation of Composites Structures Allowable Values including Progressive Failure Modelling

• Digimat-AM: An efficient process simulation solution to optimize the additive manufacturing of polymer parts

MaterialCenter is a Materials Lifecycle Management System designed to link material specialists to mechanical simulation. MaterialCenter captures data from integrated processes to ensure full traceability across the enterprise and throughout the product lifecycle. It addresses unique process and data requirements and drives product innovation in complex materials such as alloys, elastomers, plastics, composites, and many more. MaterialCenter

works directly with many commercial CAE products and delivers on-demand commercial Databanks to engineers across the industry.

e-Xstream also provides engineering consulting services to address any needs in accurately predicting the micro-mechanical behavior of composite materials and parts.


Digimat allows:

• Material engineering: through the micromechanical modelling approach to predict the nonlinear, anisotropic, rate-dependent behavior of complex multi-phase composite materials

Structural engineering: through the coupling of Digimat material models with commercial CAE codes to accurately predict the behavior of composite structures taking into account the influence of process simulation

• Process Simulation: Digimat provides process simulation solutions for the additive manufacturing of polymers. It helps process engineers to anticipate manufacturing issues and optimize part quality by predicting the relative influence of the various process parameters.

Digimat is used to study the thermo-mechanical behaviour of material lab

samples and predict the influence of the material microstructure on the

product end-performances. Through partnerships with the aerospace

sector, e-Xstream has developed the appropriate tools and extensive

know-how for modelling materials typically involved in lightweight

aerospace composite structures.

Material Center allows:

• Dashboards for quick evaluation of materials data management projects and management oversight.

• Work request and approval workflow to keep projects on track.

• All materials-related processes, input and output documented through Audit Trail.

• Process-oriented, automation approach to data management.

• Robust and intuitive interface for data search, retrieval and comparison for all data types – tabular, curves, images, etc.

• Web-based interface to data management processes that enable distributed data authoring and maintenance.

• Built-in job queue interface that optimizes execution of materials simulation processes.

• Proven scalability to 100,000s of processes and petabytes of data to meet the needs of engineers for years to come.

• Integrates commercial Databanks for accessing critical materials data.


• CompoSelector: Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Materials Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework

• PSIDESC: Predictive Simulation of Defects in Structural Composites

• EXTREME: Dynamic Loading - Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Composite Material Structures

• Prediction of the thermo-elastic strength properties of tri-axial composite materials

• Multi-Scale Modelling of Advanced 3D Composite Materials for Ultra-Light Antenna Application

• APC, aiming at improving conception of aerospace structure through the use of composite materials

• VirtualComp, aiming at developing powerful and robust modeling tools for complex industrial composite structures using continuous fiber

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