Established in January of 2015, CONTEC is a spin-off company from KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and is offering Space Ground Station Services and Satellite Image Processing & Application Services as well as a whole ground integration solution. At CONTEC, we strive for excellence and we think that it is only with talented people that this goal can be achieved. Currently, 33 engineers in two different offices in Korea and Luxembourg as subsidiary, and half of them have a superior education degree, along with great experience in the space industry. With these services and powerful manpower, we are trying to provide a meaningful value for prospective customers in the New Space Age.


At CONTEC, we are currently providing space ground station services through our own ground station and partners’ ground stations all over the world. Our engineers also created CONTEC ONE, a platform where satellite communications become child’s play.

In addition, we offer satellite imagery analysis and application services based on raw satellite image data by applying deep learning algorithms in order to detect several specific objects depending on the needs of our customers. We especially focus on applications for urban change detection of Smart Cities and try to provide the best service possible for local governments and therefore participate to urban development.



  • Design and integration of ground station
  • Small antenna manufacturing for ground station
  • Whole MRO service for ground station


  • Monitoring and Control Software for ground station
  • Multi-mission operation system for ground station
  • Web-based platform and cloud technology for ground station service
  • High-speed satellite image processing
  • Calibration and validation (CAL/VAL) of satellite imagery
  • Object detection on standard satellite image data


As the number of satellite (especially small-sized satellites) launches has continuously increased, the space market is open to many new businesses and its scale is growing simultaneously. CONTEC is taking advantage of this opportunity and aims at those satellite operators and satellite launchers who need to connect with their satellites.

As for its satellite imagery application service, CONTEC is especially working with local governments but does not restraint to this category.

In conclusion, we can summarize our current and potential customers as below:

  • KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)
  • Agency for defense department in Republic of Korea
  • Several government research institute and commercial companies in Republic of Korea
  • Sejong local government(1st world smart city) city in Republic of Korea
  • KSAT in Norway
  • RBC Signals in USA
  • Perigee Aerospace and South Launch in Australia(for launch mission)
  • Etc


CONTEC’s own ground station is located in South Korea, more precisely in Jeju Island and benefits from an ideal environment (antenna picture). However, as it is showed on the map below, our plan is to rapidly scale up our network by building new ground stations all around the world. Especially in:

Northern Europe, North America and South America and so on

CONTEC will make the 2nd ground station in Finland by the end of this year


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