Bradford Deep Space Industries


Bradford Deep Space Industries develops technologies to export the NewSpace philosophy – and the increased value proposition it has already offered in LEO – to new applications in GEO, lunar and interplanetary space. This accelerates the cadence of scientific exploration and enables new business uses beyond LEO.

We offer affordable, high-performance avionics for deep-space and Earth-orbiting smallsat missions. The robust and performing nature of these makes them well suited for both deep-space and demanding LEO applications.

These avionics are a core part of the Bradford Deep Space Explorer, a multi-mission bus that can take payloads of 30kg from the ground to anywhere in the inner solar system for an order of magnitude lower cost than, and less than half the development time of, traditional deep space missions.


An avionics solution – a modular system suitable for deep-space or high-performance smallsats in the 10-100kg (dry) mass range with a 5+ year lifetime, consisting of any combination of:

  • robust flight computer 
  • high performance computational platform (with full-scale OS)
  • power control and distribution unit (that supports high-power loads such as electric propulsion, radar payload or drive motors)
  • high-power radio transponder with navigational ranging that works out to 1AU
  • an attitude control system (easy-to-deploy reaction control actuator for non-magnetic environments)

An affordable deep space platform, Explorer, that can take over 30kg of payload from the ground to anywhere in the inner solar system within 3 years from start of project to arrival at destination.  


Design and developments of deep-space avionics.

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