Blackswan Space


Blackswan Space provides autonomy solutions for satellite mission integrators and operators to eliminate risks and enable new capabilities. 

Our software focused off-the-shelf products are designed to address the growing number of assets in orbit by enabling autonomous navigation and robotic manipulation coupled with fast mission prototyping using our digital twin technology. This reduces costs and increases revenues for the satellite integrators and operators through the newfound ability to design their missions faster and perform mission operations much more effectively by reducing the necessary human involvement.


ACE – Autonomy-as-a-Service Platform

A software platform that enables spacecraft autonomy covering the entire lifecycle of your space missions. The platform includes all the tools and flight code necessary to build, launch and operate missions autonomously.

Mission Design Simulator (MDS)

Digital Twin for your space missions. A perfect sandbox tool for prototyping complex missions in real-time photorealistic environment with the ability to generate synthetic data for AI/ML applications cutting down your development time by as much as 50%. 

Vision Based Navigation

The Vision Based Navigation (VBN) system is a dedicated software solution enabling small satellites to perform complex navigation manoeuvres including rendezvous and docking, visual inspection, in-orbit (on-orbit) servicing, refuelling, and many more.


Off-the-shelf autonomous space robotics libraries that enable debris removal, in-orbit servicing, assembly and in space manufacturing missions.


Satellite integrators and operators, Space Agencies, Academia, Research Centres.


  • Mission Design Simulator (MDS) for Active Debris Removal (ADR). European Space Agency
  • Digital twin for fast satellite mission prototyping (internal)
  • Vision Based Navigation system (VBN) for autonomous satellite navigation in space (Eurostars project with University of Luxembourg (SnT))
  • ESA GRALS Digital Twin Development
Blackswan Space products
Mission Design Simulator – Digital Twin platform for space missions
Rendezvous, Proximity Operations & Docking simulations on Mission Design Simulator
In-Orbit Servicing mission simulation on Mission Design Simulator
Vision Based Navigation system prototype

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