ArViCom Sarl develops cellular and satellite-based communication technologies and services into mobile Augmented Reality (AR) platforms in order to enable global remote collaboration based on AR visuals and interaction.

Classic verbal and video-based communications are often difficult to interpret by the remote expert and can be obtrusive to the action of the mobile agent. ArViCom enables remote visual validation, communication, expert overview, and senior interdisciplinary assistance through a secure, reliable communication, and access to expertise. It hereby offers improved procedure outcomes, a higher time efficiency, and reduced cost to unnecessary displacements of multiple agents and experts.

A first focus is placed on enabling a global reach to medical expertise for remote and mobile agents in humanitarian and remote medical use cases. Further applications to other industries are being developed through various partnerships. Each design transforms the end-user requirements and the technical and economic parameters into highly performant and adapted collaboration solutions with global access. 


The ArViCom devices are a combination of AR glasses, its mobile communication and processing units, and tailored software integrating global connectivity management.

As visual communication tool, it shares the same point-of-view observation as the mobile agent, but especially allows remote instructions and support to be delivered in the direct sight of the agent in action. It offers the user real-time visual interaction and support of remote experts, regardless of geographical location.

It offers a more natural interpretation of the discussion subject and case by the remote expert, and a hands-free visualization of the instructions by the user. It significantly improves the focus, comprehension, and success of active professionals.

These advantages are delivered on a high-performance technology with market-leading visualization, global and secure connectivity, designed to perfectly fit to the specific user actions and requirements.


  • Humanitarian and remote healthcare agencies
  • Telemedicine companies and agencies
  • Ambulance agencies and services
  • Research institutions
  • Industries in need of AR-based remote assistance and collaboration platforms
  • Industries in need of outdoor AR-based visualization and navigation platforms


  • TeleAssist ESA project – Globally connected healthcare delivery for emergency and humanitarian needs.
  • ArViGuard ESA project – Space in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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