Arspectra is specialized in the design and supply of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, with an initial focus on data visualization, teleassistance, and navigation in various applications. Arspectra’s fully see-through AR data glasses and software project relevant data, instructions, and 3-dimensional images in the direct sight of the user. It allows to stay focused on the actual target and action while improving the performance of the professional user by the most natural and efficient integration of information and navigation data. This in-sight guidance naturally improves the precision, time-efficiency, cost, and outcomes of the various procedures.

By merging digital data and images into the real sight of its users is Augmented Reality set to bring important changes in current visualization, training, and navigation solutions. Yet to truly benefit of the advantages brought by merging digital data seamlessly into the reality, must the platforms also perfectly fit to the performance and physical parameters demanded by the applications and users.

Arspectra designs modular Augmented Reality hardware and software platforms, delivering the most performant and adapted solutions to its partners and customers. From lightweight Augmented Reality glasses for visualization and communication, up to high-performance navigation platforms, Arspectra’s partners can select from various available solutions, to fully customizable developments. Supporting software plugins enable them to flexibly integrate their own software and applications.


Proprietary glasses are developed in close collaboration with end users and enable a very flexible integration of various sub-technologies. Arspectra offers adapted solutions leading to increased performances, lower costs, and better procedure outcomes to different applications and usage scenarios. Due to the technologic novelty, current procedure standards can be disrupted by unprecedented advantages and very competitive prices.

Arspectra’s hardware developments:

  • Design of medical AR glasses with adapted form factor and sensor technology
  • Setup of intra-operative 3D tracking systems 
  • Design of mobile processing units for various AR-supported use cases

Arspectra’s AR devices run a proprietary software platform that serves as base layer on which partners can develop their own AR software and algorithms. Next to the standard platform several functional plugins are available:

  • Gesture tracking 
  • Voice control 
  • Cellular communication 
  • Up to military grade cybersecurity & encryption Arspectra’s team is highly experienced in the flexible co-development and integration of AR capabilities for visualization and navigation in existing or in-development technologies and operations.


  • Medical technology companies and distributors
  • Medical specialists and institutions
  • Industries with healthcare-related applications
  • Research institutions
  • Industries in need of AR-based remote assistance platforms 
  • Industries in need of AR-based visualization and navigation platforms


TeleAssist ESA project – Globally connected healthcare delivery for emergency and humanitarian needs


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