AM 4 AM is an innovative start-up developing new metallic materials for additive manufacturing/3D printing. 

Additive manufacturing is an emerging technology allowing parts with an ever-seen complexity to be produced. However, the amount of materials available for this technology is strongly limited. Indeed, the processing of conventional alloys by additive manufacturing leads most of the time to poor quality parts which are not reaching the industry specifications.

AM 4 AM patented an atmospheric cold plasma process to modify metallic powders and enhance their compatibility with 3D printing process. Thanks to this process, AM 4 AM will create a new generation of metallic powders by making available conventional alloys and in the same time developing new functional materials.



AM 4 AM firstly applies its plasma technology to solve the cracks and porosity formation in aluminium parts produced by additive manufacturing. This phenomenon is encountered in most high mechanical strength aluminium avoiding these materials to be used for structural and lightweight applications. AM 4 AM’s solution is called HiPerAl and leads to the production of high mechanical strength parts processed by additive manufacturing. HiPerAl owns mechanical properties close to aluminium 7000 series processed by conventional techniques. This best in-class aluminium alloys is dedicated to lightweight application in domains such as automotive, aeronautic or space.

AM 4 AM also owns the capacity to develop new materials with tailor-made properties designed specifically for industrial applications.


Industrial manufacturers mainly in automotive, aeronautics and space, 3D service providers, 3D equipment providers.


Development and production of satellite and thruster parts.

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