adwäisEO SA provides IT & Data Analytics services related to geospatial data in general and Satellite Earth Observations in particular. E.g.  It provides components of Payload Data Ground Segments (PDGSs) of Satellite missions, and  support the added-value downstream sectors of Earth Observation (EO), designing algorithms and implementing processes for Big Data Mining and Data Transformations along with high performing and cost-effective solutions such as multi-Petabytes archives, intuitive geoportals and efficient processing solutions in cloud and/or HPC environment.


adwäisEO provides Data services for space agencies, companies, public and private institutions, NGOs and research bodies:

  • Data collection, storage, dissemination and management, long-term archiving, to take care of your data respecting your privacy.
  • Data hubs, geo-portals, APIs and metadata generation and metadata standardizing to make the data easily accessible.
  • Cloud computing, HPC Cluster and efficient orchestrator for all your processing needs. Geo-Data mining and analytics, to extract valuable information from the data and produce knowledge. 

The company designs and develop HPC and/or cloud solutions in order to provide tailor made services and products.

To deliver, adwäisEO benefits from the support of its partners in the UK, France, Spain, and Canada, all members of the ecosystem are coordinated by the French company ACRI-ST.


The IT facilities of adwäisEO are hosted in TIER IV data centers in Luxembourg. The company use the best of the available technology:

  • Cloud-computing: infrastructure and  namespace -as-a-service (10 000 vCpus in a private cloud).
  • Cloud-Storage 2 PB of in house S3 object storage with geographical replication
  • Scalar storage for massive data archiving (more than 65PB).
  • LTO tape libraries for backup and preservation (more than 100PB).
  • Fast NVME storage for computation (2 PB)
  • High speed internal network (>400Gbps) to feed processing node without delay and 30 Gbps Internet lines for no waste while data are transferred.

The company offers:

  • A team of ICT specialists, remote sensing experts, data engineers.
  • A library of EO data processors tuned to the analysis of long-term series of geo-physical/chemical/biological/ecological data of the global world.
  • Partners in the European, American and Australian scientific communities and space agencies.


Space agencies, European Commission, public institutions, private companies, research organisations. 


  • LSA Data Centre

Architect and Operator of the largest collection and distribution system of Europe for the LSA. 

  • ESA Long-Term Archive

Responsible for the operations of one of the Copernicus LTA for S1, S2 and S3 RAW and auxiliary data.

  • Data Archival, Management and Processing Services

Main service provider of secure and efficient archival solution, fast processing environment for ESA and third-party satellite data.

  • Sentinel Data [Re] processing

Operations management for the systematic production and the dissemination of Sentinel 3A Land products and the full reprocessing of Sentinel-2.

  • Optical Mission Performance Cluster

Infrastructure provider, cloud solution for the quality assessment of S2 and S3 optical data.

  • Sentinel 2 Global Mosaic

Service provider for the Sentinel 2 Global Mosaic for the European Joint Research Center.

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