AdwäisEO is a provider of data and information services for space agencies, companies, public institutions and research centers. Its mission is to provide secured and clever geo-intelligence source and repository.
The company is your partner to make the best of the Luxembourg ICT infrastructure of data centers, HPC and networks:

  • EO (Earth Observation from satellites) “user segment” infrastructure for environmental monitoring dedicated to governmental policy makers and enforcers as well as to economic operators to task environmental crisis reactions.
  • Geographical Information Systems, by adjunction of systems for georeferenced data crowdsourcing, access to surveys’ outputs, internet data mining, data analytics & data processing, edition & publication of information (references and alerts).
  • AdwäisEO is a subsidiary of ACRI-ST, a French company with other subsidiaries in UK and Canada.


  • Data collection, storage and management, long-term archiving, data hub, (pre-)processing, access and distribution (incl. portals and geo-catalogs), with focus on data security.
  • Development of georeferenced data system architecture and software.
  • EO service provider.


  • Storage and computing resources housed in a TIER IV data center in Luxembourg and TIER II-IV in the group;
  • Cloud-Storage and Cloud-Computing for flexible and powerful processing and storage services using hybrid cloud solutions, cloud arrays and pools, elastic cloud storage…
  • A team of ICT specialists, remote sensing experts, data engineers in the team corroborated by environmental scientists in the Group.
  • A library of EO data processors tuned to the analysis of long-term series of geo-physical/chemical/biological/ecological data of the global world.
  • Partners in the European, American and Australian scientific communities and space agencies.


Space agencies, European Commission, public institutions, private companies, research centers.


  • Setup, management and operation of all EO data (except Copernicus) long term archiving service for ESA;
  • Setup, management and operation of the Collaborative Sentinel Ground Segment for Sentinel data for Luxembourg Space Agency; 
  • Deployment, management and operation of dissemination unit for Marine Forecast Products in the framework of Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS);
  • Processing and delivery of global ocean colour products in the framework of Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS);
  • Processing and dissemination of Salinity in the framework of Climate Change Initiative;
  • Processing and dissemination of Coastal Erosion products;
  • Development of a software framework for EO data processing (open source).

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