adwäisEO is a Luxembourg company specialized in Earth Observation (EO) IT services.
The company is one of the major European actors in Space Ground Segment sector. Thanks to cutting-edge expertise in Earth Observed data and ICT the company offers performing and cost-effective solutions such as multi-Petabytes archives, intuitive geoportals, and efficient processing solutions in cloud and/or HPC environment. The company is a provider of data and information services for space agencies, companies, public institutions, and research centers.
adwäisEO is a subsidiary of ACRI-ST, a French company with other subsidiaries in UK, Spain, and Canada


adwäisEO provides Data services for space agencies, companies, public and private institutions, NGO and research centres:

  • Data collection, storage, dissemination and management, long-term archiving, to take care of your data respecting your privacy.
  • Data hubs, geo-portals, APIs and metadata generation and metadata standardizing to make the data easily accessible.
  • Cloud computing, HPC Cluster and efficient orchestrator for all your processing needs.

Geo-Data mining and analytics, to extract valuable information from the data and produce knowledge. The company designs and develop HPC and/or cloud solutions in order to provide tailor made services and products


The IT facilities of adwäisEO are hosted in TIER IV data centers in Luxembourg. The company use the best of the available technology:

  • Cloud-Storage and Cloud-computing for flexibility.
  • HPC cluster for brute power computational (more than 1000 cores).
  • Scalar storage for massive data archiving (> 34PB).
  • LTO tape libraries for backup and preservation (>33PB).
  • High speed internal network to feed processing node without delay and multiple 10 Gbps Internet lines for no waste while data are transferred.

The company offers:

  • A team of ICT specialists, remote sensing experts, data engineers in the team corroborated by environmental scientists in the Group.
  • A library of EO data processors tuned to the analysis of long-term series of geo-physical/chemical/biological/ecological data of the global world.
  • Partners in the European, American and Australian scientific communities and space agencies.


Space agencies, European Commission, public institutions, private companies, research centers.


  • LSA Data Center:
    adwäisEO has designed and operates the largest Collaborative Ground Segment of Europe for the Luxembourg Space Agency. More than 26 Petabytes of Sentinel-1 and 2 data, all online and ready to be downloaded at the click of a mouse by the users.
  • ESA Advanced Long-Term Archive (ALTA):
    adwäisEO is responsible for the operations of the one of the Copernicus Long-Term Archive for Sentinel 1,2 and 3 RAW and auxiliary data.
  • EO Data Archive Service (EODAS):
    Secured infrastructure and efficient routines for data archiving and extraction allows a cost-effective solution for preserving several Petabytes of the ESA “EO Data Archive Service”. adwäisEO is the main service provider of the project.
  • Copernicus Marine Environmental Monitoring Service (CMEMS-DU):
    Skilled IT and data engineers team allows the dissemination of Marine Forecast Data along with the improvement of the service. adwäisEO cloud solution and secured storage is used as Disaster recovery center for all the Dissemination Units.
  • CMEMS: Processing and delivery of global ocean colour products.
  • ESA Climate Change Initiative Sea Surface Salinity (CCI+SSS):
    Process more than 10 year of data of multiple satellites is not a problem for the adwäisEO computational cluster. HPC solution is the best when massive data needs to be produced in a limited time. adwäisEO is responsible for the production of salinity data.
  • Coastal Change Project:
    adwäisEO provides a cloud-based infrastructure for the Coastal Change Project. The cloud approach allows flexibility and security for a project dealing with different computational and data access requirements.
  • Building Trust in the Digital Economy:
    Computational cloud services to identify potential impediments to upscaling commercial use of satellite imagery for scientific, social, and economic purposes.
  • EXPLORE and SciApps:
    Skilled DevOps engineers and Developers to deploys and make accessible new tools that will enable and promote the exploitation of space science data.
  • Other projects:
    adwäisEO providers cloud/HPC infrastructure for multiple projects to:
    • detect and/or tracking marine litter from space within the Black and the Mediterranean Sea.
    • maintain & develop software for the SMOS L2OS (level 2 Ocean Salinity) processors.
    • Run complex 3D sea hydrodynamic model. 

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