Proximus Luxembourg SA


Proximus Luxembourg: a leading actor in convergent ICT and Telecom services for companies

Our team provides ICT and telecom solutions to all companies and public administrations. Our areas of expertise include fixed and mobile telecommunications, ICT infrastructures, cloud and cybersecurity and Fintech Solutions and Managed services.

Our mission

In the continuing effort to support our customers in their digital transformation, at their own pace, we wish to develop a large set of innovative and managed services, responding to the specific needs of each one of them for a sustainable development of their activities.

We innovate with passion on a daily basis so as to enrich our solutions and services.

Our approach is customer-centric and a single contact manages their needs thanks to the mastery of an integrated end-to-end solution.

Focus on the contractors

This new dynamic allows us to be even closer to entrepreneurs and start-ups, their need for listening, responsiveness and innovation so as to help them meet their rapid growth objectives while developing permanent structures.

Proximus Luxembourg SA, as ICT Integrator since 40 years and telecommunications and cloud operator since 2009.

Proximus has become a reference player in the supply of a complete services solution (Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, ICT Infrastructures, Multi-Cloud, Fintech solutions, Cybersecurity and Managed Services).

Since the beginning of our history, we have been looking for excellence in our solutions, our customer services and our internal processes; that is why our governance model complies with the ISO 27001 norm. This excellence has also been recognised by the the market for many years and is regularly awarded.



In a world where changes are accelerating, companies must constantly adapt in order to thrive.

The economy is becoming service-oriented and a digital transformation is needed in all sectors of the economy. The speed of transformation is crucial, but it is generally difficult to release the necessary resources within the company to make the necessary changes. This is where Proximus can play a decisive supporting role for our customers. Our business is ICT and our strength is to be able to provide our customers with ICT in a service mode, from basic infrastructure to software support, with a daily cover.

Proximus has acquired a certain number of business experts to better support our customers by defining and implementing their digital transformation so that our customers can focus 100% on their core business.

Fixed, mobile and connectivity

Today, Proximus offers you a full range of telecommunications services for companies. Innovative and competitive products coupled with long experience in the BtoB market so as to meet your voice and connectivity needs.

To remain efficient while mobile, you need access to your data and to be reachable in a secure way at any time. It’s a constant challenge that we take to support you in your business development.


Switch to the cloud with Proximus’ solutions. You benefit from a flexible IT environment that can enhance your performance and reduce costs. Simplified procedures and IT management give you time to refocus on your core business and gain agility.


Securing your most valuable information gives you the serenity you need for the development of your business. Telindus is part of a comprehensive approach to assist you in the implementation of your digital transformation strategy and security policy of the most critical information systems, through a full range of cybersecurity services and solutions.

ICT solutions

Proximus’ ICT solutions are much more than a combination of computing and telecommunication components. They are mainly a mixture of innovative technologies combined with an expertise of 40 years on the Luxembourg market. Expertise gained from our ability to create end-to-end architectures, from the desktop to the datacenter infrastructures. Reliable, scalable and agile, our solutions are backed by a framework contract that includes customisable full-service level agreements (SLAs). We also work in partnership with leading IT solutions providers so as to offer you the best in technology.

Managed services

Today, companies rely on a wide variety of complex information systems to operate their business. The costs of internal operations and of those related to unavaibility are critical for your business. With 40 years of experience and expertise, Proximus offers you a full range of outsourcing operations, through a combined cloud and management services offer.

Digital Trust Solutions

The Proximus Digital Finance Solutions team develops Digital Solutions for the Financial Sector, including fund administration, wealth management, depositary, asset management, insurance and private banking. Telindus’ financial solutions increase productivity and quality while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks and improving the customer experience. Business and operating models are unique and our financial solutions are tailored to your needs.



Proximus Luxembourg Infrastructures

The networks

Since its creation, Proximus pursues a sustained investment policy in its networks, to offer increasing quality to each customer.

We are investing in a national coverage with a 99, 99 % available and reliable network, more than 2 000 km of optical fibre and more than 400 “Points of Presence”, positioning Telindus as the 2nd largest BtoB provider in Luxembourg.

Our international coverage is ensured by our presence in 5 major internet hubs (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Brussels), our presence in 160 countries (via BICS), our partnerships with 5 leading operators (BICS, Vodafone, Orange, Lumen, et Telia Carrier). Our international reliability is proven by the 50 000 end-users (professionals) and more than 150 customers connected since 2009.

276 000 mobile lines, 24 000 fixed lines, a 2G coverage of 100%, 95% 3G and 99% 4G including a 4G+ coverage of 80% (Tango was the first operator to provide 4G in Luxembourg. Best 4G network quality in Luxembourg according to the independent company Tutela), 5G launched in October all of this is possible thanks to our will to invest, the redundancy of a large part of our infrastructures monitored 24/7/365.

In addition, we have concluded more than 600 partnerships with international voice and data operators to ensure efficient roaming for our customers.

Finally, we rely on the BICS network, a top global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services. As a leading international communications enabler, BICS is connecting the world by creating reliable and secure mobile experiences anytime, anywhere.

The Datacentres

Telindus is present in 4 LuxConnect datacenters, 3 in Bettembourg and 1 in Bissen; of Tier II to Tier IV levels, giving us the ability to host all of our customers’ data and IT solutions with a high security level.

Our datacentres infrastructures are equipped with the best technologies available on the market. In this context, we have partnered with the leading global players: Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Citrix, HP and Commvault.


International capacity


The Proximus Group has assembled its international “communication transport” activities under the BICS brand. It has recently deployed its new generation networks which gives it unprecedented flexibility. BICS offers the best international wholesale solutions to mobile voice and data service providers worldwide.


The partnership between Tango and the British operator allows an international opening to customers in Luxembourg. This first agreement shows our requirements as to the quality of our partners.

Telindus Netherlands

Present since many years in the Netherlands, Telindus is one of the ICT leaders for companies and public organisations. For us, this presence opens up a network and expertise in this country.

IT & Economic Partners

To provide the best services to all our customers, be they entrepreneurs, international groups or public administrations, we have partnerships with the world’s largest IT players that allow us to offer increasingly innovative solutions.

In addition to our technical and commercial partnerships, we have developed economical partnerships in order to open up to different countries or sectors and to exchange with Universities. We wish to keep in touch with the various economic players in Luxembourg.



Our Customer-centric structure is organised:

Depending on their profession:

  • Finance: banking, insurance and financial services companies
  • Industries and services (iron and steel, distribution, transport, press,…)
  • Government and health: European Institutions, national and international public administrations, hospitals…

According to their size:

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Key Accounts



Proximus Luxembourg S.A. was, and is still, actively participating in the efforts of ESA to improve and ensure the overall security of their missions and infrastructures. In this context, they have successfully completed projects like GASF (Generic Application Security Framework), GASF Evolution and PenBox and are currently working on projects like AACT (Advanced Automated Cybersecurity Testing) and SSE4Space (Secure Systems Engineering for Space). 

The GASF study and its continuation GASF Evolution focused on the augmentation of ECSS (European Cooperation on Space Standardization) standards, which are also widely used within the European space sector, to include information security aspects in ESA software development projects. Additionally, a tool (the GASF tool) was developed to guide project teams through the process of defining and iterating security requirements, translate them into suitable security controls and trace decision making process and its consideration within the development. The GASF framework, as well as the tool, have been successfully used in the context of ESA’s Mission data systems Information Security Management System (ISMS) to reduce risks related to software security and is being mandated for usage by the Secure Operations Procedures (SECOPS). PenBox and its continuation AACT, aim to automate the complex, time and resource consuming task of penetration testing without the need for expert penetration testers. They define an automated and repeatable security penetration testing concept for space mission ground segment systems by identifying suitable tools, tactics, techniques and procedures suited to security testing of mission ground segment systems, protocols and interfaces.


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