Proximus Luxembourg SA


Proximus Luxembourg SA unites the Tango, Telindus and Codit brands under one umbrella and employs 750 people. Both brands operate jointly to meet all the telecommunications needs of Luxembourg's residential and business customers.

Tango offers fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and television services to residential customers and small businesses with less than 10 employees, while Telindus provides ICT and fixed and mobile telecommunication services to medium-sized and large companies as well as public administrations. Codit capitalizes on the competencies developed by its experts in domains such as data integration, API Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT, but also on a privileged partnership with Microsoft.

Proximus Luxembourg is a subsidiary of the Proximus group, the main provider of telephony, internet, television and ICT services in Belgium.
It participates in the development of telecommunication infrastructures and ICT services in Luxembourg.



Telindus has acquired a certain number of business experts to better support our customers by defining and implementing their digital transformation so that our customers can focus 100% on their core business.

Fixed, mobile and connectivity

Today, Telindus offers you a full range of telecommunications services for companies. Innovative and competitive products coupled with long experience in the BtoB market so as to meet your voice and connectivity needs.

To remain efficient while mobile, you need access to your data and to be reachable in a secure way at any time. It’s a constant challenge that we take to support you in your business development.



Switch to the cloud with Telindus’ solutions. You benefit from a flexible IT environment that can enhance your performance and reduce costs. Simplified procedures and IT management give you time to refocus on your core business and gain agility.



Securing your most valuable information gives you the serenity you need for the development of your business. Telindus is part of a comprehensive approach to assist you in the implementation of your digital transformation strategy and security policy of the most critical information systems, through a full range of cybersecurity services and solutions.

ICT solutions


Telindus’ ICT solutions are much more than a combination of computing and telecommunication components. They are mainly a mixture of innovative technologies combined with an expertise of 40 years on the Luxembourg market. Expertise gained from our ability to create end-to-end architectures, from the desktop to the datacentre infrastructures. Reliable, scalable and agile, our solutions are backed by a framework contract that includes customisable full service level agreements (SLAs). We also work in partnership with leading IT solutions providers so as to offer you the best in technology.

Managed services


Today, companies rely on a wide variety of complex information systems to operate their business. The costs of internal operations and of those related to unavaibility are critical for your business. With 40 years of experience and expertise, Telindus offers you a full range of outsourcing operations, through a combined cloud and management services offer.

Digital Trust Solutions


The Telindus Digital Finance Solutions team develops Digital Solutions for the Financial Sector, including fund administration, wealth management, depositary, asset management, insurance and private banking. Telindus’ financial solutions increase productivity and quality while ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks and improving the customer experience. Business and operating models are unique and our financial solutions are tailored to your needs.


Since the beginning of our history, we have been building our structure following our customers’ needs. Services, products, internal processes or governance, our entire company is organised so as to help them reach and exceed their objectives.

Our Customer-centric structure is organised:

Depending on their profession:

·        Finance: banking, insurance and financial services companies

·        Industries and services (iron and steel, distribution, transport, press,…)

·        Government and health: European Institutions, national and international public administrations, hospitals,…

According to their size:

·        Startups

·        SMEs

·        Key Accounts

As close as can be to their concerns and needs, their requirements are therefore at the heart of our priorities.


  • TC Authentication and Data System Security to qualify the security of applications
  • Mission Control System Security Study to assess the security of SCOS-2000
  • Data System Security Risk Analysis on ESOC’s Operations Data
  • Study on Cryptographic Design to evaluate cryptographic configurations for TM/ TC protocols
  • Standards, specifications and processes for space software and hardware development
  • Analysis of GMES security requirements fulfilment
  • Generic Secure Ground Architecture to generically authenticate and encrypt communications between ground stations and spacecraft
  • Generic Application Security Framework to introduce application security aspects into software development lifecycles
  • PenBox, implementation of a prototype to automate penetration testing.
  • SSE4Space, framework to guide and enforce security throughout a systems lifecycle

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