Telindus Luxembourg


Telindus Luxembourg is a Proximus company and, through Telindus Telecom, the Group’s enterprise operator in Luxembourg. It provides solutions to a variety of private and public sector companies. Its areas of expertise include enterprise networks and connectivity (national and international), datacentres, systems, storage, security, collaboration, applications and mobility.

Relying on Telindus Luxembourg’s expertise, Telindus Telecom develops innovative “IT-as-a-Service” solutions and is positioned as the best global telecom operator for enterprises in Luxembourg. Entrepreneurs, decision makers, IT managers, discover the first global Telecom and ICT solution created by Cloud experts. With a customer centric approach, Telindus Luxembourg positions itself as the privileged partner for businesses and administrations in Luxembourg. In order to accompany its customers, at their own pace, with the highest respect for their evolution, Telindus adapted its wide range of solutions and services to meet the very specific needs to any customer profile.

With more than 400 accomplished specialists, Telindus Luxembourg’s strategy is to focus on customer needs managed through a single point of contact to meet overall ICT requirements.

In the Space domain, Telindus positions itself in activities related to Security, Virtualisation, Routing and Switching.


Our solutions portfolio is designed around 6 strategic pillars and meets the needs of today’s economy, the any3Economy (anywhere, anytime, anyhow):

  • Enterprise Network and Connectivity: Deliver a state of the art converged and secured platform within companies offering national and international connectivity
  • Enterprise Datacentres: Answering the growing demand for Everythingas- a-Service and pay as you use customer needs
  • Enterprise Security: Relying on technology to face security risks and ensure business continuity
  • Collaboration: Deploying the toolbox for smarter enterprise wide unified communication
  • Applications: Providing application availability to the any 3 customer
  • Mobility: Putting the power in the hands of the user who wants to work in a ubiquitous world

Telindus Telecom can provide your business with tailormade connectivity solutions adapted to your specific needs, including fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, networking and Cloud computing. Beyond technical consultancy, integration and project management competencies, Telindus is also a renowned player in the professional training industry.


Major companies from all sectors: Finance and Insurance, Commerce, Industry & Transport, Publics services, Services and E-Business.


TC Authentication and Data System Security: qualify the security of applications residing on ESA / ESOC Relay LAN DMZ and applications communicating with ESA ESTRACK Ground Stations and recommend improvement in the architecture

Mission Control System Security Study: assess the current security level of the SCOS-2000 Mission Control System

Data System Security Risk Analysis: improve the information security of ESOC’s Operations Data System by identifying a set of security controls that optimally (in terms of Return on Security Investment) governs the security assurance all through the implementation and operation phase

Study on Cryptographic Design: evaluation of selected cryptographic configurations (localisation of security mechanisms, combinations of algorithms, key-sizes, etc.) in the context of packet TM/ TC protocols

Standards, specifications and processes for space software and hardware development: analysis of the use of standards, processes and specifications for software and hardware developments in the context of projects for ESA and in the space sector in general

GMES Security Concept Study: Analysis of GMES security requirements fulfilment within the reference architecture and specification of a suitable security concept

Generic Secure Ground Architecture: Design and prototypic implementation of a security architecture to generically authenticate and encrypt communications between ground stations and spacecraft

Generic Application Security Framework: Extension of space software development standards to introduce application security aspects into software development lifecycles. Implementation of software to identify security requirements and track their implementation within the software development process.

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