Telindus Luxembourg


Telindus is a brand of Proximus Luxembourg SA.

Telindus Luxembourg supports all companies and public administrations in their digital transformation by providing them with holistic ICT and telecom solutions as well as tailor-made support services.

Its areas of expertise include fixed and mobile telecommunications, ICT infrastructure, multicloud, Fintech solutions, cybersecurity and managed services. Through its Training Institute, Telindus addresses all of its customers' challenges and enables professionals to remain at the forefront of best practices and ICT technologies.


  • FIXED, MOBILE & BROADBAND: Mobile, telephony, unified collaboration, connectivity, 5G
  • CLOUD: Housing, private cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud applications
  • CYBERSECURITY: Ethical hacking, strategy, risks & consultancy, security operations center, Network and security solutions
  • TRAINING CENTER: Tailor-made Training, Coaching, Development, Audit of files
  • ICT SOLUTIONS: Infrastructure, user workplace, applications
  • MANAGED SERVICES: Infrastructure services, workplace, managed services, applications, service desk, outsourcing, governance services, professional services
  • DIGITAL TRUST SOLUTIONS: SmartChain, DigitalKYC, DigitalKYT, SmartPSD2, Digital Client Management
  • EMERGING SOLUTIONS: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, 5G, RP.


Major companies from all sectors: Finance and Insurance, Commerce, Industry & Transport, Publics services, Services and E-Business.


  • TC Authentication and Data System Security to qualify the security of applications
  • Mission Control System Security Study to assess the security of SCOS-2000
  • Data System Security Risk Analysis on ESOC’s Operations Data
  • Study on Cryptographic Design to evaluate cryptographic configurations for TM/ TC protocols
  • Standards, specifications and processes for space software and hardware development
  • Analysis of GMES security requirements fulfilment
  • Generic Secure Ground Architecture to generically authenticate and encrypt communications between ground stations and spacecraft
  • Generic Application Security Framework to introduce application security aspects into software development lifecycles
  • PenBox, implementation of a prototype to automate penetration testing.
  • SSE4Space, framework to guide and enforce security throughout a systems lifecycle

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