Spire is a global provider of space-based data and analytics that offers unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point so organizations can make decisions with confidence, accuracy, and speed. Spire uses one of the world’s largest multi-purpose satellite constellations to source hard to acquire, valuable data and enriches it with predictive solutions. Spire provides this data to organizations around the world so they can improve business operations, decrease their environmental footprint, deploy resources for growth and competitive advantage, and mitigate risk. Spire’s growing Luxembourg footprint includes key operations across its business units, including Spire Aviation, Weather, Earth Intelligence, Space Services, and Maritime.


Spire collects, analyzes, and enriches information gathered from our custom constellation of satellites, using it to create a priceless repository of insights not available anywhere else. 

Spire Aviation – provides historical flight data, ADS-B tracking, and up-to-date data on weather that impacts aviation operations, all delivered through developer-friendly APIs.

Spire Weather - offers a proprietary weather forecast model powered by our radio occultation data and custom predictive models, producing highly accurate, global high-resolution forecasts with over 50+ discrete variables.

Spire Maritime - is revolutionising how global AIS data for maritime intelligence is collected, analyzed and delivered, providing Intelligent maritime tracking and monitoring solutions, unique coverage of high traffic zones and maritime weather forecasts.

Spire Earth Intelligence - we collect rich and unique data sets about our planet’s surface and its atmospheric layers fuelling key research and development programs, inspiring new services and applications and driving public environmental programs across the globe.

Spire Space Services - using our space technology, state-of-the -art in-house manufacturing process, seamlessly integrated space and ground infrastructure and automated operations, we enable other innovators, commercial organizations and governments to deploy their own applications and sensors into space.


  • Spire has more than 300 years of space flight heritage, having launched 110+ Low Earth Multi-Use Receivers (LEMUR) across 28 launch campaigns on 9 unique vehicles.
  • We operate the world’s largest RF sensing fleet and are the largest producer of radio occultation and space weather data
  • Our multi-payload satellites are equipped with a variety of sensors incl. Automatic Identification System (AIS), Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Radio Occultation (RO) and Reflectometry ®.
  • We operate a global network of 29 ground stations
  • Our data provides a global view with coverage in remote regions like oceans and poles; all data can be refreshed within 15 minute cycles
  • We are continuously launching improved sensors and upgrading them in-orbit
  • We turn ideas into live feed from space in as little as 6-12 months


Spire’s customers range from small logistics analytics companies to large enterprises and governments. Our panel of experts and strategic partnerships across verticals are well positioned to tackle some of the most pressing problems of the 21st century. 


We are rapidly scaling our team in Luxembourg in order to carry out a wide  portfolio ​of​ scientific and engineering ​projects, including: 

  • Provision of a Data Lake containing all data generated by Spire to public research institutions in Luxembourg and local start-ups.
  • Provision of data to  European research institutes through the ESA’s Earth Online portal
  • Real-time monitoring of the ionospheric disturbances caused by tsunami waves in order to determine the location of the tsunami wave after an earthquake and thereby improve warning systems.
  • Determination of the feasibility of soil moisture data from nanosatellites. Using surface reflections, our satellites can determine the local moisture of the soil, improving irrigation needs in the most rain-deprived areas of the world. (InCubed - measurement of intense rainfall using polarimetric RO)
  • provision of space services to luxembourg space ecosystem
  • Safer maritime services - integration of multiple data streams collected from space to offer improved maritime awareness and improve safety at sea
  • Development of a sea ice monitoring solution to monitor the state of ice in the poles for climate change monitoring and other applications for multiple industries (inland fisheries, etc.)
  • Aviation data enhancement (development of our Aviation product with fusion of external data sets)
  • Development of high resolution regional weather forecasts, customizable according to customer needs (in terms of resolutions, weather variables, latency, etc.)

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