Spire is a ​next-generation​ data and predictive analytics company that collects  data from space to solve problems on Earth. Spire identifies, tracks and  predicts the movement of the world’s resources and weather systems. Using  its constantly improving global constellation of ​radio frequency (RF) ​listening  satellites and predictive analytics ​capabilities​, Spire helps businesses and  governments decide, with increasing certainty, what to do next in a rapidly  changing world. 

The team in Luxembourg is focused on ​Spire Weather, offering  industry-leading model technologies and predictive product suites. These  robust forecasting tools have the power to help companies across industries.  

The Luxembourg office is also home to Spire’s Maritime business unit, which  delivers AIS data APIs with built-in maritime intelligence to industry stakeholders.


Spire focuses on developing products that leverage big data and predictive  analytics to provide next-generation intelligence​, designed for a world in  which accurate weather forecasting is more vital than it has ever been before. 

Spire Sense Cloud 

A one-stop-shop for maritime data analytics, best-in-class maritime domain awareness and state-of-the-art vessel tracking. 

Spire Stratos Cloud 

Uses signals from global navigation ​satellites to​ gather weather data about  our atmosphere, ground, oceans, and magnetic field. ​Spire’s Global Earth  Model​  is ​one of the world’s most accurate and frequently updated weather  forecasts, it can support business and humanitarian efforts the world over. 

Spire AirSafe Cloud 

Optimises management of the ​skies for safety​, profitability and  environmental ​conservation by​ identifying, tracking and predicting the global  movement of aircraft. 

Spire’s Space as a Service 

Offers organisations and governments the unique opportunity to rapidly  deploy​ custom payloads and RF listening sensors​, with a global footprint, in  mere months.


Spire has almost 100 nanosatellites in orbit. It has the world’s largest  constellation of RF listening satellites, collecting thousands of radio  occultation measurements for high-precision weather data and Earth  Information measurements that no other company is capturing. With ship  tracking (AIS), aircraft tracking (ADS-B), advanced weather model and  custom RF listening products, Spire enables decision-makers to continuously  optimise strategic and tactical decisions for the future. 

Spire’s satellite network is equally matched by the world’s largest LEO ground station network. By harnessing the exponential impact of technology, Spire can reliably and consistently grow the might of its global data collection and analytics capability faster than anyone else. This enables it to rapidly deploy custom products that have never been in space before, at low cost, just months after they are conceived.


Customers range from small logistics analytics companies to large enterprises and ​governments. Our panel of experts and strategic partnerships across verticals are well positioned to tackle some of the most  pressing problems of the 21st century. 


We are rapidly scaling our team in Luxembourg in order to carry out a wide  portfolio ​of​ scientific and engineering ​projects, including: 

  • Provision of a Data Lake containing all data generated by Spire to  public research institutions in Luxembourg and local start-ups. 
  • Real-time, all-weather monitoring of flooded areas, current CYGNSS  satellite constellation can compensate for imaging satellites’  shortcomings under heavy cloud cover. R
  • Real-time monitoring of the ionospheric disturbances caused by  tsunami waves in order to determine the location of the tsunami wave  after an earthquake and thereby​ improve warning systems.    
  • Determination of the feasibility of​ soil moisture​ data from  nanosatellites. Using surface reflections, our satellites can determine  the local moisture of the soil, improving irrigation needs in the most  rain-deprived areas of the world. 

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