Space Cargo Unlimited


Space Cargo Unlimited is dedicated to seizing the potential of Space microgravity for commercial applications on Earth.  Space Cargo Unlimited operates a variety of pressurized third parties’ vehicles for round-trip missions to Low Earth Orbit, carrying payloads for research & manufacturing purposes. 


Space Cargo Unlimited offers turn-key pressurized round-trip missions from launch platforms around the world. With a portfolio ranging from suborbital missions on new space vehicles, as well as established platforms such as ISS, Space Cargo Unlimited offers a comprehensive range of modern science applications as well as manufacturing opportunities in space.


Building on strategic partnerships with vehicles operators and leveraging the high-level expertise of the European industry, Space Cargo Unlimited develops comprehensive expertise in complex microgravity project management and funding. Space Cargo Unlimited has partner teams in France, Germany, Italy, and the USA, with a network covering nearly all major actors in space infrastructures worldwide.


In November 2019, with mission ComµBioS SCU transported bottles of red wine to the International Space Station to age in Space for a year-long mission.  The goal is to better understand the evolution of food taste and microorganic composition in the extreme conditions of Space.  Wine being taken here as a proxy for complex liquid food systems.

In December 2019, with mission ALPHA SCU exposed vine calluses to weightlessness aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft before returning to Earth. In this experiment, SCU commissioned a new scientific protocol called “Self-Guided Evolution” triggering a high evolutional rate of organisms in a Space environment. 

In March 2020, with mission CANES SCU transported 320 vine plants to the International Space Station to be stored for a duration of 6 months.  The goal is to trigger the plants to mobilize and resort to their inner defenses when threatened by the harsh environment of Space.  CANES purpose is to discover the mechanisms at play in the plants inner defense systems to help plants adapt to harsher environments in the context of global climate change.

These missions are part of the larger Mission WISE (Vitus Vinum in Spatium Experientia).  Space Cargo Unlimited’s Mission WISE aims at developing new models and technology to tackle the future of agriculture and food by leveraging the effect of microgravity on complex biological systems. Mission WISE is the first comprehensive, privately led applied research program in Space, aimed at preparing the future of agriculture.

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