SkyfloX develops the ESA patented concept of ORCA: Optical and RF Constellations on Aircraft. ORCA proposes to use civil passenger aircraft to provide services such as those offered by satellites. ORCA lends itself specifically well to Earth observation applications that require high resolution data, in combination with high revisit


Earth observation is the initial application of ORCA, where ORCA can provide multiple daily, metric GSD Multitemporal Orthos, medium-high GSD Thermal Orthos, and high GSD Digital Surface Models (HiResDSM). The multitude of flights furthermore allow the production of True Orthos, along with fused products related to RGB, Thermal, and DSM data.


Proprietary software for coverage simulations and statistics


Currently confidential, though SkyfloX is actively working with the largest EO analytics companies in the world for its upcoming pilot project.


SkyfloX with a team of international partners and users successfully finalised the first phase of an ESA co-funded pilot project, addressing the business, legal and technical aspects of ORCA, and included an initial flight test campaign. SkyfloX is about to kick-off the second phase of this ESA co-funded pilot project, working together with several airliners and major aerospace partners, to have several ORCA payloads airborne by the end of next year, and to have 100+ airborne payloads over Europe by 2023.

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    This one-day conference will focus on domestic environmental topics and the use of space technologies.
    Luxembourg will hold Space Resources Week from 7 to 11 October.
    KINEPOLIS Kirchberg: Space Talk and free screening of the documentary Apollo 11 (2019).