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SATURNE TECHNOLOGY serves its clients and partners through experience and skills. The main objective is to meet the expectations and needs of customers, while respecting the three most essential points for effective partnership: quality, price, deadline.

The permanent challenge for all our customers is to quickly introduce new products on a changing market. Project managers, developers and designers use our services to validate a concept or the functionality of their parts or a prototype, detect possible design problems, present team marketing and convince their clients. They need to test different solutions, compare and confront them, validate industrial processes and optimize their knowledge to reduce manufacturing costs and, finally, confirm the launch of production in small, medium and large series.


Additive manufacturing

Our selective laser process is the ideal solution for realising your functional parts. There is no loss of time between conception and getting your metal parts as parts are not obtained by removing but by adding material and additive manufacturing. We can make complex shapes and produce what was until recently inaccessible for the state of the art:

  • geometric forms without limit.
  • conduits and internal canals, in any forms and geometries.
  • more efficient cooling systems.
  • optimised lightening.
  • moving mechanical parts (e.g. ball joints, etc.).

Laser welding

SATURNE TECHNOLOGY’s laser welding machines allow the realisation of welding, point by point, as well as cords with high quality and perfect precision:

  • with or without contribution of material.
  • speed and precision.
  • absence of mechanical constraints.
  • complex forms;

Laser drilling

We can make small circulars holes diameters, without moving the beam.
Materials which can be drilled include steel, plastic, copper, ceramics, etc.

Laser cladding

With our reloading laser technology, we can deposit different types of alloys or materials on mechanical parts to increase their durability, hardness and profitability. Our deposits are realised with a “coaxial” head, allowing fine and/or important deposits, having a connection with the basic material, completed and without constraint.

Laser cutting

Our cut laser applies to different types of materials with complex contours which require a specific treatment, fast and without resistance. This method presents a number of advantages, the main one being the manufacturing without deformation in parts up to 3 mm in thickness. Our laser machines allow obtaining a precision lower than 1/100 mm on very diverse materials.

Precision engineering

To enable us to finalize the manufacture of parts in additive manufacturing or other parts made internally we have invested in a set of precision mechanics such as milling, EDM cutting, EDM drilling and grinding.


AM Machines: 1 XSLM 500 HL, 2 X PROX 300

Machining: Machining 3 & 5 Axis, Manual Milling, CNC Lathe Turning, Manual Lathe Turning

Non Destructive Testing: CT Scanning, Radiographic Scanning, Blue Light Scanning, Laser Scanning, CMM

Post Build Processes: Wire EDM, Blasting (wet/dry), Support Removal, Chemical etch (FOD removal), ULTRASONIC / Other, Powder removal, Behringer Band Saw / Giant Tumbeler

Vacuum Heat Treat

Mechanical Testing: Ambient Temperature Fatigue Testing, High Temperature Fatigue Testing, LCF, HCF, Crack Propagation Growth, Fracture Toughness, Ambient and High Temperature Tensile Testing, Impact Testing, Tensile Testing

Hardness Testing: Rockwell Testing, Superficial Testing, Micro hardness Testing, Vickers Testing

Chemistry Lab Services: ICP-OES, Interstitial Element N, O, H, C, S, Sub-ppm Elemental Analysis, Flow Test, Tap Density Test, True Density Test, Morphology Evaluation, Failure Analysis, Metallographic Evaluation, Preparation, Grain Size, Microstructure, Macro Etch/Micro Etch, Porosity/ Density Evaluation, Particle Size Distribution, SEM w/EDS


Civil and military aeronautics, space, industry, armament, medical, automotive, nuclear, food-processing industry, art and jewellery, research and development


Development and additive metal fabrication as well as laser welding of waveguides and satellite support.

Development and additive metal manufacturing of engine components for rocket propulsion.


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