SPARC Industries


SPARC Industries addresses some of the most sophisticated questions in the field of plasma-based technologies with its team and its self-developed, highly specialized software tools.

Apart from having the general capability of simulating new and highly innovative space propulsion technologies, these software tools will allow both incrementally optimizing existing propulsion technologies, as well as studying disruptive concepts.

The current satellite thruster development is a logical consequence of SPARC Industries’ previously developed and tested satellite propulsion technology. A novel thruster concept has been identified and implemented in the prototype. In this new concept, two major features are preserved: novelty and simplicity.

The simplicity of the thruster allows using both, noble gases as well as molecular gases. The former has benefits in terms of energy efficiency and reactivity, the latter is beneficial in the context of space resource utilization and air-breathing. The prototype is designed to operate with Krypton although other noble gases would also work.


Within our R&D service we offer our core expertise for engineering & scientific consultancy. This includes performing simulations with tools which match the requirements – including our unique plasma simulation tool for high Knudsen number gas and plasma flows. Our self-developed gas & plasma simulation tool is being used to simulate very energetic gas flows at very low densities (where standard flow simulation tools (CFD/ MHD) fail in reproducing physics accurately due to invalid assumptions. SPARC Industries SARL also offers an international maintenance service for neutron generators to end customers and manufacturers.


Clients with questions and problems from aerospace, nuclear, and low-pressure plasma industry find in SPARC Industries a reliable, competent, and loyal partner.

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