R&D in remote sensing applications and computer simulations of water risks. RSS-Hydro employs traditional methods and advanced machine learning models to extract actionable information from geospatial datasets and to simulate water risks at impact level scales. Our innovative remote sensing technology services, including drones and satellites as well as computer models are developed in-house to respond to the needs of our customers.


  • Remote sensing and computer simulations of water risks at local to global scales;
  • Flood & fire disaster response assistance with Earth Observation (EO) products and services;
  • Flood event re-analysis using EO data and computer models;
  • Expert consulting services in remote sensing and modelling of water risks and environmental applications;
  • Drone services and products for the natural and the built environments.


  • Almost 20 years of expertise in academia and R&D in the field of remote sensing and computer simulations of water risks;
  • Our team members have many years of expertise in hydrology, geospatial data analytics, and machine learning applications;
  • Experience in IoT, in particular using open geospatial web services;
  • Expertise in drone technologies and services.


Applied research funding sources:

  • Government departments;
  • Space agencies;
  • Private sector companies;
  • Public institutions (including universities):
  • NGOs and international organisations;
  • European Commission.

R&D services provision to:

  • Government departments and other public sector entities
  • City Councils
  • Development aid organisations;
  • Humanitarian response organisations;
  • Private sector, including the (re)insurance sector.


  • ESA Incubed project “FloodSENS”: Smart Mapping of Floods -
  • Active R&D projects focus mainly on flood & fire disaster response assistance using EO products and services;
  • Participation and mentoring in NASA/Europe Frontiers Development Lab (FDL);
  • Acquisition of high-resolution drone data and provision of services to a variety of sectors.

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