POST Luxembourg


POST Luxembourg is Luxembourg’s leading telecommunications and information services company. It offers a large range of ICT services for business customers: high-speed secure connectivity solutions as well as cybersecurity, voice and data management services for individuals and professional customers.

POST Luxembourg is also the country's largest provider of postal services and offers financial services.


POST Luxembourg Group offers a broad portfolio of ICT services and tailor-made solutions to business customers. The offering comes in six layers completing one another:

  • Datacentre: Tier III & tier IV datacentres; on-premise, public & hybrid & private cloud solutions;
  • Infrastructure: Virtualization, compute, storage, network, connectivity (fixed, mobile, satellite), backup;
  • Service: Monitoring, automation, deployment, management;
  • Application: E-Mail, document management, collaboration, sync & share;
  • End-User: Workplace, printing, applications, mobile device management, support:
  • Security:  Internet and network protection, device protection, data protection (including GDPR compliance), vulnerability and threat management including a Security Operations Centre.


POST Luxembourg serves all customer segments from residential customers to large corporate and public customers.

POST Luxembourg Group has the privilege of counting amongst its customers almost all major corporates from the financial, insurance, health, industry, commerce, space and transport sectors, as well as the national public sector and the institutions of the European Union.


POST Luxembourg provides bespoke ground station, hosting, satellite broadband and communications services to major corporate and public customers.

POST Groups also participates in space research projects, e.g. quantum key distribution, digital asset authenticity validation or Smart Agriculture.

Furthermore, POST Luxembourg supports the space ecosystem development through the Luxembourgish space fund ‘Orbital Ventures’, which focuses on early-stage companies engaged in space activities.

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