Odysseus Space


We believe in a future in which goods and information are exchanged alongside human sustainable presence at Solar system scale. Our goal is to facilitate those flows. We see three features to reach this goal: SOLVE · CONNECT · EXPLORE.

  • To · SOLVE · our customers’ challenges by supporting them at different phases of their satellite missions.
  • To · CONNECT · our customers’ satellites in needs for high-data rates, secured and license-free communications with CYCLOPS, our end-to-end laser communication solution.
  • To · EXPLORE · the Solar system effectively, finding and transporting resources will be required. In addition to the expertise and other products developed by the company, ASTRAEUS, our autonomous deep space navigation solution, is a key-enabling technology to make such missions possible. 


ASTRAEUS - Autonomous Navigation:

ASTRAEUS is a solution supporting autonomous guidance navigation & control capabilities to spacecraft anywhere in the Solar System. ASTRAEUS can possibly reduce mission cost and allow new kinds of mission profiles. Station keeping, interplanetary cruise, proximity operations & rendezvous to celestial bodies or spacecraft are potential applications.

CYCLOPS - Laser Communication:

CYCLOPS satellite & ground laser terminals offer a Direct-to-Earth communication end-to-end solution. This is especially suitable for microsatellite constellations in Low Earth Orbit requiring to rapidly transfer a large amount of data from Space to ground.


Market study, Mission Analysis & Design, System Engineering & Project Management consultancy, Launch Campaign support, Mission Operations, Earth Observation data. 


ASTRAEUS answer the needs of companies planning missions to the Moon and beyond wishing to reduce the cost of their mission. Companies in needs for in-orbit services (e.g. refuelling, de-orbiting) could use an adapted version of ASTRAEUS too.

CYCLOPS answers the needs of Earth Observation microsatellite constellations in Low Earth orbit.

ODYSSEUS has been satisfying returning customers (mainly Space Agencies, National Laboratories and Universities in Asia and Europe) with its line of services for more than 5 years.  


ASTRAEUS (autonomous navigation solution for space applications) and CYCLOPS (end-to-end laser communication solution for LEO applications) are the core products currently being developed by the company.

In parallel with its R&D activities, the company keeps providing small satellite related services to its customers to make their missions successful. With its international team of experts coming from Space Agencies, Industry and Research Laboratories, our team has already been involved in more than 15 small satellite missions in Asia and Europe.

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