ODYSSEUS Space aims at increasing the flow of goods and information in the Solar System. For this purpose, the company is developing cost-effective technologies such as laser communication and autonomous navigation. 

The technologies developed by ODYSSEUS can already address the small satellite constellations and GEO satellite markets while paving the way for future applications in the Space Resources Utilisation value chain. 

With its team of international experts located in both Luxembourg and Taiwan, ODYSSEUS Space has been providing its satellite related services in Europe and Asia for several years and is capable of acting as a bridge between both Space markets. 


Laser Communications: 

The CYCLOPS transceiver offers compact, secured, high bandwidth communications to Space actors, expanding drastically their information exchange capabilities around the Earth and beyond. This versatile system enables both, inter-satellite and space-to-ground laser communication. 

Autonomous Navigation: 

ASTRAEUS provides autonomous guidance navigation & control capabilities to spacecraft anywhere in the Solar System. 

Its unique algorithm is especially adapted to missions in GEO and beyond: station keeping, interplanetary cruise, proximity operations & rendezvous to celestial bodies. 


Market study, Mission Analysis & Design, System Engineering & Project Management consultancy, Launch Campaign support. 


ODYSSEUS long term goal is to provide support to NewSpace companies who are aiming at exploring and exploiting resources beyond the Earth, facilitating their exchange of goods and information in the Solar System. In the context of a foreseen increase of traffic between the Earth and new Space outposts, ODYSSEUS technologies will contribute to a smooth, cost-efficient and automated traffic management of supplies and information.

Currently, ODYSSEUS is offering these technologies to actors where responsiveness is critical. This includes for instance the automated navigation of constellations of satellites around the Earth, and extremely fast and secured communications between those assets.  


The development of CYCLOPS novel laser communication terminal and ASTRAEUS autonomous navigation solution for spacecraft are the core ongoing projects of the company. 

In parallel with its R&D activities, the company keeps providing small satellite related services to its customers to make their missions a success.

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