ODYSSEUS Space aims at providing space resources prospection data and information at a relatively low cost using small satellite missions. To reach this goal, the company is developing some of the key technologies required such as: high data rate & secured communications, autonomous guidance navigation & control and compact propulsion systems. The company in Luxembourg currently focuses on developing its novel two-ways optical communications device, CYCLOPS, under an ESA/LSA contract to address the small satellite (constellation) market in the range 50-100 kg while remaining CubeSat compatible.

With its team of international experts located in both Luxembourg and Taiwan, ODYSSEUS Space has been providing its small satellite related services in Europe and Asia for several years and is capable of acting as a bridge between both Space markets.


Optical Communications:

the CYCLOPS optical transceiver offers a secured, high bandwidth two-ways communications system for small satellites at an affordable price. The second stage pointing capability of this device is adapted from a space qualified scientific payload developed by Paris Observatory which technology has been acquired by the company in early 2019.

Commercialization expected by 2022.

Autonomous Guidance Navigation & Control:

ODYSSEUS is developing this small satellite solution in the context of interplanetary cruise. Other cases will be investigated in the future especially regarding proximity operations of small bodies in deep space environment.

Small Satellite related services:

Market study, Mission Analysis & Design, System Engineering & Project Management consultancy, Launch Campaign support.


ODYSSEUS long term goal is to provide information on Space Resources repartition to interested parties. This includes terrestrial mining companies familiar with long term investments cycles of traditional mining, as well as to less risk advert companies capitalizing on deep sea mining. In the shorter term, ODYSSEUS plans to sell optical high bandwidth two-ways communication systems for small satellites, for either data relay infrastructure or highly secured communications applications.


ODYSSEUS Space has been awarded the 2018 SpaceResources.lu Challenge Award last October financing the first development phase of the company novel optical communications device for small satellites, named CYCLOPS, under an ESA/LSA contract.

In parallel of its R&D activities, the company keeps providing small satellite related services to its customers (e.g. Paris Observatory, Paris Diderot University) on making their missions a success.

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