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We envision a future where all data generated by human assets in space can be transmitted swiftly and securely to the Earth. By providing lightspeed connectivity between space-based assets and the Earth, we aim to ensure seamless communication and the efficient transfer of information.

As satellites continue to generate an ever-expanding volume of data, surpassing their current data transfer capabilities, Odysseus Space steps in to solve the data download bottleneck. We proudly present Cyclops, our comprehensive laser communication solution, encompassing cutting-edge space terminals and data services. With Cyclops, satellite operators can effortlessly download their space data to Earth at remarkable data rates, free from radio frequency licensing concerns, and with utmost security.


Cyclops represents an unparalleled Terminal-as-a-Service laser communication solution, structured on a subscription basis, empowering satellite operators with swift and secure space-to-ground data retrieval.

At Odysseus Space, we provide the Cyclops-DTE satellite terminal, designed for seamless integration into your satellite system, along with access to our global network of ground receivers, Cyclops-GT, forming an expansive Optical Ground Stations Network. These stations, equipped with Cyclops-GT, are fully compatible with Cyclops-DTE and other designated space terminals.

With Cyclops, satellite operators can effortlessly transmit their valuable space data from the Cyclops-DTE terminal in orbit to the Cyclops-GT receiver on Earth, ensuring rapid, high-capacity data transfer. This ground-breaking solution is particularly ideal for microsatellite constellations in Low Earth Orbit seeking efficient and rapid space-to-ground data communication.


Odysseus Space's flagship project, Cyclops, is set to reimagine space communication by 2025. Collaborating closely with satellite operators and integrators, we are gearing up to provide Cyclops, our end-to-end laser communication solution. In a strategic partnership with a leading Ground Stations Network operator, we are enhancing their infrastructure with laser communication capabilities.

While our focus is on developing a laser communication solution for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to ground, we envision extending our reach to enable intersatellite links in LEO and beyond in the near future. 

Stay tuned for ground-breaking advancements in space communication with Odysseus Space and Cyclops, and join us on this exciting journey toward faster, more efficient, and secure space communication.

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